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MSc Social Development Practice

This course provides the practical skills and theoretical foundations needed to address social development in the Global South - contexts often marked by inequality and social diversity

Why choose MSc Social Development Practice?

We offer:

  • a 12-month programme that includes lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials, an international field trip and group-based field and project work
  • the opportunity to learn through intensive practical experience on participatory action research projects in London and abroad
  • a focus on ‘people-centred’ approaches to international development, as increasingly reflected in the policy priorities of major development organisations

About the course

The MSc in Social Development Practice explores processes of social change, mobilisation and development that can generate greater equity and wellbeing for people in developing contexts. It explores different approaches through which diverse and marginalised groups gain access to rights, resources and recognition.

The course has two main objectives:

  • to give students a solid grounding in social analysis skills and perspectives, rooted in social theory around identity, inequality and social change processes
  • to provide an understanding of the role of the social development practitioner, and of how development interventions can best support the citizenship claims of people in the Global South

Learning is cemented by fieldwork in contexts reflective of real-life practice, characterised by diversity, inequality and conditions of uncertainty.

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