The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Sustainability in the built environment

Our research on sustainability addresses aspects of environmental, social and economic sustainability - from the psychology of pro-environmental behaviour to smart cities to sustainable development.

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The School's sustainability research theme cuts across all areas of our research. The term ‘sustainability’ encompasses a broad range of topics relating to environmental, social and economic objectives.

Research interests within this theme are similarly broad, and include sustainable behaviour, climate change economics, building information modelling (BIM), sustainable cities and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We apply a variety of disciplinary perspectives to sustainability-related questions including environmental psychology, management, economics and construction research.


Our resources available here are divided into two categories:

  • Research summaries - short summaries of research findings for the interested non-academic reader
  • Research papers and reports - peer-reviewed research published in academic journals or conference proceedings, industry reports and working papers on projects in progress

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Dr D'Maris Coffman

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Dr Zhifu Mi

Zhifu’s research focuses on climate change economics, energy policy and input-output analysis.

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Dr Niamh Murtagh

Niamh's current research is examining change towards sustainability in the construction industry. Focusing on the people associated with production of the built environment, from architects in small practices, small builders, building control surveyors to householders, she has investigated the role of intrinsic motivations, professional identity, social power and personal strengths in engagement with sustainability.

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Dr Alex Opoku

Alex’s research interest is in the area of Sustainable Built Environment, with particular interest in exploring the link between the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the built environment.

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Dr Eleni Papadonikolaki

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Dr Aeli Roberts

Aeli's current research interests are in how changing attitudes may impact on the amount of carbon generated by buildings in use. She is also involved in research looking at the provision of basic eco design training to construction manufacturing SMEs. 

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Angeliki (Marilina) Toli

Angeliki is a PhD candidate at the School of Construction and Project Management. Her research focuses on exploring the shared intentionality of smart city actors by using the service ecosystems framework.

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