The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction


Angeliki Toli

Studying resource exchange through actor interactions in the smart city service ecosystem, using the service dominant logic

School Research Theme: Organisational Culture
Research supervisors: Prof Hedley Smyth; Dr Niamh Murtagh
Start date: 6 November 2017

The world is facing unprecedented levels of urbanization. By 2020, 80% of the European population will be residing in urban areas. Rapid urbanization will inevitably lead to the deterioration of liveability functionalities and create social and organisational issues. The smart city concept has emerged as one of the possible solutions. Smart cities are ecosystems that use information technologies to optimize infrastructure and citizen services, increase the quality of life and foster innovative business models.  

Despite the value of the smart city market is estimated to reach hundreds of billion dollars by 2020, few studies address its organisational and managerial aspects. By recognizing this literature gap, this research proposes the use of the Service Dominant Logic to study the resource exchange mechanisms of smart city organisations. The exchange of resources will be studied through dyadic and triadic interactions of actors within the smart city service ecosystem. 

The proposed thesis can provide invaluable empirical insights into how the use of resources can be optimized. This will lead to a more efficient management of smart city organisations and consequently to cities, thus to managerial and organisational urban innovation, which may lead to the improvement of quality of life and well-being for citizens. 

Publications and other work