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PhD students


The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction postgraduate programmes are broad and deeply influenced by practice, taking in construction economics, infrastructure finance and project leadership. Details of our current research students and their topic of research are listed below.

Current students 

Omar Abbas
Research topic: A Digital Twin Investigation from an Actor-Network Theory Perspective and a Data Analytics Approach
Supervisory team: Prof. Tim Broyd and Dr Nicola Moretti
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Abdelkawy Abdou
Research topic: Meta-architecture: building information modelling for facilities management
Supervisory team: Prof. Michael PittProf. Tim Broyd and Dr Natalya Sergeeva
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Khalid Amin Elmenofy
Research topic: Developing a Business Case for Augmented Reality in Healthcare Construction Projects
Supervisory team: Prof. Mills Grant, Dr Karim Farghaly and Prof. Duncan Wilson
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Raed Ashour
Research topic: The adoption and implementation of Digital Twin in integrated hospital projects
Supervisory team: Prof. Mills Grant and Dr Eleni Papadonikolaki
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Zeynep Kubra Atli
Research topic: How Nudge theory affects complex infrastructure leaders value options and use flexibility under uncertainty
Supervisory team: Dr Ilias Krystallis and Dr Zhen Ye
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Yunqing Bi
Research topic: Explore net-zero emissions pathways at city-level from both production and consumption-based perspectives
Supervisory team: Prof. Jing Meng and Dr Heran Zheng
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Kathryn Bourke
Research topic: The role of service life in decision making about existing buildings and infrastructure
Supervisory team: Prof. Tim Broyd and Dr Simon Addyman
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Rafaella Broft
Research topic: The design of a Lean Production System to successfully implement SCM at the lower tiers of construction supply chains
Supervisory team: Dr Laura Florez-Perez and Dr Simon Addyman
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Peipei Chen
Research topic: Cost and potential emission reduction of low-carbon technologies: from the micro perspective of power, steel and petroleum refining enterprises
Supervisory team: Prof. Jing Meng and Prof. D'Maris Coffman
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Honghu Chu
Research topic: Deep learning and UAV-based bridge crack inspection
Supervisory team: Dr Weiwei Chen
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Oscar Cruz
Research topic: Geopolitical influences on infrastructure projects in the context of climate change 
Supervisory team: Dr Effie Konstantinou and Dr Jenny McArthur
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Argyrios Delithanasis
Research topic: A digital ontology for human-centred decision-making in a circular built environment
Supervisory team: Dr Selcuk Cidik and Dr Karim Farghaly
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Shiyu Deng
Research topic: The environmental and health co-benefits of decarbonizing the UK's heating system 
Supervisory team: Prof. Zhifu Mi and Dr Shen Wei
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Baihua Dong
Research topic: Voluntary carbon emission reduction market and its standard; Additionlity issue on both voluntary emission reduction market and green finance market (eg: green bond)
Supervisory team: Prof. Xi Liang and Prof. Dabo Guan
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Stephen Elms
Research Topic: Workforce training in offsite construction (particularly the impact of automation and robotics on the evolving skill set in the field
Supervisory team: Prof. Jacqui Glass and Dr Jennifer Rode

Shan Gao
Research topic: Explore reverse supply chain management in the construction industry: A coordination management perspective
Supervisory team: Prof. Jacqui Glass and Dr Jean Xu
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Yasmin Garcia-Sterling
Research topic: Conscious Wayfinding Digital Engineering approach within Hospital Systems
Supervisory team: Prof. Michael PittDr Qiuchen Lu and Dr Natalya Sergeeva
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Adam Golden
Research topic: Managing innovation in major projects and programmes
Supervisory team: Dr Abdul-Majeed Mahamadu and Dr Natalya Sergeeva
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Joe Golightly
Supervisory academic: Prof. Grant Mills and Dr Aniket Kumar
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Jessy Gomes Moreira
Research topic: Improving Occupational Health and Safety within the construction Industry : Understanding barriers and opportunities.
Supervisory team: Prof. Aeli Roberts and Prof. John Kelsey
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Andrea Gonzales Lazo
Research topic: Knowledge Management for Health, Well-being, and Safety in Built Asset Lifecycles: A Practice Theory Perspective
Supervisory team: Dr Selcuk Cidik and Dr Simon Addyman
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Juan Gutés Pascual
Research topic: Understanding the dynamics of trust interactions -via perceptions in four projects- among developers, project managers, designers and contractors in the context of construction project management in Spain
Supervisory team: Dr Antoine Vernet and Prof. Tim Broyd
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Qi He
Research topic: Dynamic investment theory and corporate investment behavioral analysis with large scale dataset
Supervisory team: Prof. Stani Milcheva and Dr Stefano Miraglia
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Eva Hernandez-Garcia
Research Topic: Housing and residential spaces as supportive environments for cancer survivors with multimorbidity. Medical Architecture and Environments for Vulnerable People
Supervisory team: Prof. Andre Edkins and Dr Lia Chrysikou

Wenjie Hu
Research topic: Exploring Prefabricated Construction in China
Supervisory team: Prof. Jacqui Glass and Mr Oliver Wilton 
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Yunlong Huang
Research topic: Economic Analysis of the UK Housing Market with Statistical Machine Learning and Big Data
Supervisory team: Prof. Stani Milcheva and Dr Richard Barkham
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Klaudia Jaskula 
Research topic: Blockchain enabled CBIM for life cycle data provenance
Supervisory team: Prof. Dimitrios Rovas and Dr Eleni Papadonikolaki
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Alex Kulakov
Research topic: Productivity of different business models in the UK construction industry
Supervisory team: Prof. Judy Stephenson and Prof. D’Maris Coffman
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Hang Lai
Research topic: Term structure of discount rate: evidence from UK repeat-sales housing
Supervisory team: Prof. Stanimira Milcheva and Dr Evangelia Chrysikou
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Anam Latif
Research topic: Betwixt And Between- Navigating the construction of and response to Belonging Paradox through the Dynamics of Power & Disequilibrium
Supervisory team: Dr Stefano Miraglia and Prof. John Kelsey
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Jeong Lee 
Research Topic: A study of developing systemic method for owner-organisations in the UK construction industry deploying the Cost of Quality theory
Supervisory team: Prof. Grant Mills and Dr Eleni Papadonikolaki

Laure Ledard
Research topic: Design implications of a P-DfMA approach to construction in housebuilding
Supervisory team: Prof. Jacqui Glass and Dr Vijay Pawar
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Longtu Li 
Research Topic: Modelling and Forecasting of Shenzhen Real Estate Market
Supervisory team: Dr Antoine Vernet and Dr Niko Szumilo

Simeng Li
Research Topic: Optimization of natural ventilation based on the analysis of occupants’ window behavior in hospital
Supervisory team: Dr Shen Wei and Dr Lusi Morhayim

Diling Liang
Research topic: The water resource status and adaptive water management in China
Supervisory team: Prof. Dabo Guan and Prof. Priti Parikh
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Xuhui Lin
Research topic: ​​​​​​​Optimizing Emergency Response Transportation Plans under Flooding Conditions using Field Theory
Supervisory team: Prof. Tim Broyd and Dr Qiuchen Lu
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Ziqi Lin
Research TopicEmpirical Study of organisational structures changes in Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) over Port Projects during the whole project life
Supervisory team: Dr Juliano Denicol and Prof. Tim Broyd

Weibing Liu
Research topic: ​​​​​​​Comparative exploration of the application procedures of intelligent technology for enhancing energy efficiency in existing buildings in Britain and China
Supervisory team: Dr Shen Wei and Prof. Tim Broyd
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Jianing Liu
Research topic: Market-based environmental regulatory policy design that incentivizes firms to reduce carbon emissions
Supervisory academic: Prof. Zhifu Mi
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Meiqui Lu
Research topic: Implementation of Blockchain Technology for project information and stakeholder management
Supervisory team: Prof. Martina Huemann and Dr Natalya Sergeeva
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Junpeng Lyu
Research topic: ​​​​​​​Thermal comfort and adaptive behaviour of occupants in the changing climate
Supervisory team: Prof. Michael Pitt and Prof. Tim Broyd
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Shijun Ma
Research topic: ​​​​​​​Low-carbon roadmap of oil refining for net-zero emission target: reduction potential, economic assessment, and technology options
Supervisory team: Prof. Dabo Guan and Prof. Xi Liang
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Kehan Ma
Research topic: ​​​​​​​Strategic Management for Digital Platforms in low-carbon Industry
Supervisory team: Dr Shen Wei and Dr Weiwei Chen
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The Vinh Mai
Research topic: ​​​​​​​Conceptualizing state-owned enterprises as delivery model for highway infrastructure and services: public governance, pooled resources, and hybrid contracting
Supervisory team: Prof. D'Maris Coffman and Dr Juliano Denicol
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Israel Mariaca Clavel 
Research topic: ​​​​​​​Construction operations scheduling based in hybrid simulation and uncertainty for girder bridges
Supervisory team: Dr Laura Florez-Perez and Dr Carlos Galera Zarco
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Carolina Melecardi Zani
Research topic: ​​​​​​​Organisational design in megaprojects
Supervisory team: Prof. Tim Broyd and Dr Juliano Denicol
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Jennie Meng 
Research topic: ​​​​​​​Green finance for sustainable infrastructure
Supervisory team: Dr Zhen Ye and Prof. Jing Meng
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Vasco Mergulhao
Research topic: ​​​​​​​Solar Home Systems usage data in Rwanda and Kenya: the reality in the field 
Supervisory team: Prof. Priti Parikh and Prof. Licia Capra
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Martin Mirimo
Research topic: ​​​​​​​Management of Risks and Performance of Public-Private Partnerships in Kenya
Supervisory team: Prof. Xi Liang
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Nicholas Nisbet
Research topic: ​​​​​​​Adopting a new conceptualisation of knowledge to the problem of automated compliance checking
Supervisory team: Dr Selcuk Cidik and Dr Weiwei Chen
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Katharina Oemmelen
Research topic: From mini grids to sustainable development? An analysis of the benefits and trade-offs of the renewable energy transition in rural Madagascar
Supervisory team: Prof. Priti Parikh and Prof. Ben Page (UCL Department of Geography)
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Christy Oommen
Supervisory team: Prof. Michael Pitt and Dr Kell Jones
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Beatrice Mensimah Ossei-Gudom
Research topic: Implementation of Building Information Modelling by Project Managers on Construction Projects in Ghana - Level 2 Implementation
Supervisory team: Prof. Tim Broyd and Dr Natalya Sergeeva
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Daryia Palityka
​​​​​​​Research topic: Aesthetics and arts integrated into design of healthcare facilities and their influence on patients' wellbeing
Supervisory team: Prof. Aeli Roberts and Dr Evangelia Chrysikou
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Nicoleta Panagiotidou
Research topic: Optimising beps, understanding the role and development of the bim execution plan
Supervisory team: Prof. Michael Pitt and Dr Qiuchen Lu
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James Patterson-Waterston
Supervisory academic: Prof. John Kelsey and Dr Roberto Cardinale
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Huaxi Peng
Research topic: Accounting and analysis drivers of CO2 emissions in South America and exploring future low carbon development pathways in South America
Supervisory team: Prof. Dabo Guan and Prof. Jing Meng
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Roman Perciun
Research topic: Innovation as a Driving Force to Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Construction Industry in the UK
Supervisory team: Prof. Aeli Roberts and Dr Natalya Sergeeva
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Flavio Pinheiro Martins
Research topic: Neglected Tropical Diseases and linkages with the environment: a framework development using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Supervisory team: Prof. Priti Parikh and Prof. Monica Lakhanpaul 
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Anastasiia Popkova
Research topic: Wicked problems and their impact on organisations (projects).
Supervisory team: Dr Effie Konstantinou and Dr Francesco Di Maddaloni 
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Antonius Prasetya
Research topic: Procument Methods in Megaprojects: Exploring Collaboration and Flexibility to Deal with Different Types of Complexity and Uncertainty
Supervisory team: Dr Juliano Denicol and Prof. Tim Broyd
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Qingsong Qingsong
Research topic: Accurate measurement of industry emissions and optimization of emission reduction paths
Supervisory team: Prof. Dabo Guan and Dr Peter Ye
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Baker Rickaby
Research topic: Managing uncertainty in megaprojects
Supervisory team: Dr Ilias Krystallis and Prof. Andy Davies
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Daniele Rolim Marques
Research topic: An investigation into the use of the Blockchain Technology for Product Certification and Accreditation in the UK construction industry
Supervisory team: Prof. John Kelsey and Dr Abdul-Majeed Mahamadu
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Thomas Rose
Research topic: Understanding the evolutionary dynamics of hybrid work environments with a holistic perspective of organisational formal structure and emergent network dynamics (Organisational Design and Social Network Analysis)
Supervisory team: Dr Antoine Vernet and Dr Carlos Galera Zarco 
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Irinie Roufaeel
Research topic: Emergency Department evaluation and optimization using space syntax and hybrid simulation techniques
Supervisory team: Prof. Grant Mills and Prof. Alan Penn
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Saule Sakenova
Research topic: Exploring project portfolio selection processing project-based organisations
Supervisory team: Prof. Andrew Edkins and Prof. Alan Smith
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Denis Scott
Research topic: Enterprise Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Construction Industry
Supervisory team: Prof.Tim Broyd and Dr Ling Ma
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Clark Stacey
Research topic: Management of Applied Scientific Research Projects
Supervisory team: Prof. Tim Broyd and Dr Natalya Sergeeva
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Gatot Subroto
Research topic: The role of fear in identity regulation in project organizations in the government sector
Supervisory team: Dr Effie Konstantinou and Dr Jean Xu
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Ning Sun
Research topic: Value co-creation in public projects: from a paradox perspective
Supervisory team: Prof. John Kelsey and Dr Jean Xu
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Xinlu Sun
Research topic: Region- and city-level climate change mitigation and sustainable development
Supervisory team: Prof. Zhifu Mi and Prof. D'Maris Coffman
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Sandeep Thakur
Research topic: The Role of Consortium leader in the governance of Megaprojects 
Supervisory team: Dr Selcuk Cidik and Dr Natalya Sergeeva
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Xuan Tian 
Research Topic: The analysis of differences in effects of potted plants on indoor air quality between the chamber and the field
Supervisory team: Dr Shen Wei and Dr Anna Mavrogianni

Angeliki Marilina Toli
Research topic: Studying resource exchange through actor interactions in the smart city service ecosystem, using the service dominant logic
Supervisory team: Dr Niamh Murtagh and Dr Antoine Vernet
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Kang Tong
Research topic: Value-based Decision Making for Modular Hospitals
Supervisory team: Prof. Grant Mills and Dr Selcuk Cidik
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Pundharee Viryasiri
Research topic: Digital Twin-Enabled Higher Education Facilities Management: A Transitional Framework
Supervisory team: Prof. Michael Pitt and Dr Qiuchen Lu
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Florence Walker
Supervisory team: Prof. Aeli Roberts and Dr Niamh Murtagh
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Guohao Wang
Research topic: Automatic activity recognition of construction workers based on smart wearable devices
Supervisory team: Dr Abdul-Majeed Mahamadu and Dr Vijay Pawar
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Shizhen Wang
Research topic: Workplace visits frequency change and housing market in UK during COVID-19Real Estate Finance
Supervisory team: Prof. Stanimira Milcheva and Dr Nikodem Szumilo 
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Taige Wang
Research topic: Targeted BIM Use Selection for Projects: A Mixed Methods Explanation of BIM Use Contributing to Project Management
Supervisory team: Prof. Michael Pitt and Dr Natalya Sergeeva
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Cheng Wu
Research topic: Exploring The Compatibility between Lean Information Flow and Emergency Projects
Supervisory team: Prof. Grant Mills and Dr Simon Addyman
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Yi Wu
Research topic: Modelling and Mechanism Design for The Emission Trading Scheme in China
Supervisory team: Prof. Xi Liang and Prof. Dabo Guan
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Xinyi Wu
Research topic: Economical Plant-level Technology Solutions to Decarbonize Global Iron and Steel Sector
Supervisory team: Prof. Jing Meng and Prof. Xi Liang
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Katherine (Yanga) Wu
Research topic: A Study of Routine Change in UK Construction Firms with BIM Implementation
Supervisory team: Prof. Hedley Smyth and Dr Stefano Miraglia
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Quanzhi Xia
Research topic: Decarbonising the power sector within planetary boundaries
Supervisory team: Prof. Jing Meng and Dr Heran Zheng
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Yiming Xiang
Research topic: Carbon Emissions Optimization in Prefabrication Construction: An Element-based Parametric Design Approach
Supervisory team: Dr Abdul-Majeed Mahamadu and Dr Laura Florez-Perez
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Feng Xiao
Research topic: Towards a Novel Framework - Multidisciplinary Collaborative Design of Hospital Buildings Based on Digital Twin
Supervisory team: Prof. Grant Mills and Prof. Aeli Roberts
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Dongdong Xiao
Research topic: Uncover the Green Taste of CREAM in Retail Industry as Part of CSR Strategies
Supervisory team: Dr Niamh Murtagh and Dr Antoine Vernet
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He Xiao
Research topic: The use of blockchain technology to address the trust problems of BIM in the UK's construction industry
Supervisory team: Prof. Tim Broyd and Dr Mustafa Selçuk Çıdık
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Lingshan Xie 
Research topic: Real Estate Finance
Supervisory team: Prof. Stani Milcheva and Dr Peter Ye
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Yiting Xu
Research topic: Assessing the energy transition for small developing countries towards net-zero carbon emissions
Supervisory team: Prof. Jing Meng and Prof. Dabo Guan
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Jiayi Yan
Research topic: From building to city level dynamic digital twins: a data ecosystem for urban operations
Supervisory team: Prof. Michael Pitt and Dr Qiuchen Lu
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    Zhiqiang Yin
    Research topic: Methodology and application of an integrated modelling framework for assessing global river flood risks under climate change and socio-economic development
    Supervisory team: Prof. Dabo Guan and Dr Jing Meng
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    Hyunjung Yoo
    Research topic: The development of BIM-based railway infrastructure asset management framework in South Korea
    Supervisory team: Prof. Tim Broyd and Dr Weiwei Chen
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    Diran Yu
    Research Topic: Integrating Cognitive Digital Twins and Immersive Technology into Evacuation Training within the Context of Building Operations and Maintenance.
    Supervisory team: Dr Abdul-Majeed Mahamadu and Dr Weiwei Chen

    Fei Yuan (Sophie)
    Research topic: Understanding Organisational Citizenship Behaviour: the ‘What’ and ‘How’
    Supervisory team: Dr Niamh Murtagh and Dr Natalya Sergeeva
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    Wei Zhang
    Reserch topic: Developing organisational capabilities to manage digital technology adoption in BIM-based projects
    ​​​​​​​Supervisory team: Prof. John Kelsey and Dr Natalya Sergeeva
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    Pengju Zhang
    Reserch topic: Study on Occupants' Window Behaviour in the Context of Complex Social Factors/Open Offices
    ​​​​​​​Supervisory team: Dr Shen Wei and Dr Niamh Murtagh
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    Zijing Zhang
    Research topic: Automatic rule-based design checking of modular healthcare facilities
    ​​​​​​​Supervisory team: Dr Ling Ma and Prof. Tim Broyd
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    Dongyang Zhang
    Research topic: Assess the inclusive wealth in emerging countries' megacities and explore the sustainable development pathway
    ​​​​​​​Supervisory team: Prof. Dabo Guan and Prof. D'Maris Coffman
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    Weichen Zhao
    Research topic: Carbon Neutral Technology Development Pathway in China
    ​​​​​​​Supervisory team: Prof. Dabo Guan and Dr Peter Ye
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    Meng Zhu
    Reserch topic: Developing Intelligent building evaluation system
    Supervisory team: Dr Shen Wei and Dr Qiuchen Lu
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    Former students

    Imad Ahmed
    Political economy of infrastructure investment
    View Imad's research profile

    Diyana Syafiqah Abd Razak
    Cost of quality during construction post-handover 
    View Diyana's research profile

    Simon Addyman
    Management of projects, networks and supply chains
    View Simon's research profile

    Huda Almadhoob
    Self-organised networks in large construction projects
    View Huda's research profile

    Ahmed Mohamed Alnaggar
    Supervisory team: Professor Michael Pitt and Dr Claire Andrew

    Luc Bardin
    Supervisory team: Prof. Andrew Davies and Prof. Hedley Smyth

    Xingrui Cai
    Supervisory academic: Prof. Jing Meng

    Dominique Cannavina
    Supervisory team: Prof. Michael Pitt and Prof. Peter McLennan

    ​​​​​​​Danyang Cheng​​​​​​​
    ​​​​​​​Supervisory academic: Prof. D'Maris Coffman

    Roberto Cardinale
    Research topic: The transition from the national to the EU model of energy governance: a comparative case study of the Greenstream, Galsi and Medgaz gas pipelines
    View Roberto's research profile

    Yan Chen
    Driving factors of carbon emissions in the built environment: a comparison between London and Beijing
    View Yan's research profile

    Lu Cheng 
    Life-cycle carbon emissions in the construction sector: Comparisons between China and the UK
    View Lu's research profile

    Gui Duch Crosta
    Research topic: Urban Farming in the Built Environment: the role of the construction industry in increasing urban farming projects
    Supervisory team: Prof. Jacqui Glass and Dr Armando Castro
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    Nafiseh Darvish
    Capability building to deal with time delays in gas upstream megaprojects
    View Nafiseh's research profile

    Nana Deng
    Supervisory academic: Prof. Jing Meng

    Juliano Denicol
    Designing client organisations and supply chain strategies to deliver megaprojects

    Zigeng Fang
    Machine learning applications in Facility Management
    View Zigeng's research profile

    Marcos Gonzalez Fuentez
    The co-creation of project/service valued outcomes: a client service (dominant logic) perspective
    View Marcos' research profile

    Kehan He
    Research topic: Methodological Innovation of the Input-Output Model and Its Applications

    Maggie Huang
    Supervisory academic: Dr Nikodem Szumilo

    Tehreem Husain
    Railway mergers in the early twentieth century: an exploratory study
    View Tehreem's research profile

    Feng Jiang
    Supervisory team: Dr Ling Ma and Prof. Tim Broyd

    Roselyn Itopa 

    Junda Li
    Research topic: ​​​​​​​Multi-Criteria Decision Making for the Optimal Sustainable Roadway Maintenance Scheme from the Life Cycle Perspective

    Lois Yixi Liao
    Herding behaviour in housing markets
    View Lois' research profile

    Silvia Mangili
    Supervisory academic: Dr Evangelia Chrysikou

    Omoleye Ojuri
    Prescribing a management agenda for the Nigerian water supply system: value co-creation and networks prescriptions
    View Omoleye's research profile

    Wulin Pan

    Pouria Panahi

    Tash Perros

    Mostafa Safar

    Giuseppe Sassano

    Anne Symons

    Tan Tan 
    Beyond Building: Digital Transformation to Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)
    View Tan's research profile

    Mohamad El Tannir
    Research topic: Project alliancing governance : a cybernetics apporach via the application of viable system model
    Supervisory team: Prof. Grant MillsDr Ilias Krystallis and Dr Jas Kalra
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      Prompt Udomdech
      Project-based learning to advance building information modelling innovation adoption in the built environment SMEs
      View Prompt's research profile

      Daan Vermeer
      Collective learning in strategic Public Private Partnership (PPP) procurement systems for social infrastructure
      View Daan's research profile

      Francesca Vinci
      Project leadership and project capabilities for innovative and successful project delivery
      View Francesca's research profile

      Xin Wang

      Qiuhao Xie
      Research topic: Coopetition of international construction joint ventures and its performance outcome
      View Qiuhao's research profile

      Jing Xu
      The value of trust in construction supply chains
      View Jing's research profile​​​​​​​

      Pu Yang
      Patterns of carbon emissions in European and Chinese cities
      Supervisory team: Dr Zhifu Mi and Professor D'Maris Coffman
      View Pu Yang's research profile

      Chunlin Yu
      Research topic: Developing Dynamic Capabilities to deal with uncertainty in the delivery of megaprojects
      View Chunlin's research profile