The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction



Our resources on sustainability in the built environment range from accessible summaries of our research projects to in depth peer-reviewed research papers published in academic journals.

Awnings on residential buildings provide shade to keep dwellings cool inside

Our research into sustainability in the built environment applies a variety of disciplinary perspectives to sustainability-related questions including environmental psychology, management, economics and construction research.

Research summaries

Our research summaries are short, accessible outlines of research findings for the interested non-academic reader.

Architect-Client Interactions Research Project: summary of findings [pdf, 401kB]
Dr Niamh Murtagh, Dr Aeli Roberts and Dr Russell Hitchings (UCL Department of Geography)

Building Control Surveyors: Research Project [pdf, 1.32MB]
Dr Niamh Murtagh, Ms Loulwa Achkar and Dr Aeli Roberts

Research papers/reports

Our research papers and reports include peer-reviewed research published in academic journals or conference proceedings, industry reports and working papers on projects in progress.

Electric fence planning for dockless bike-sharing services (Sept 18)
Yongping Zhang, Diao Lin, Zhifu Mi

China CO2 emission accounts 1997–2015 (Jan 2018)
Yuli Shan, Dabo Guan, Heran Zheng, Jiamin Ou, Yuan Li, Jing Meng, Zhifu Mi, Zhu Liu and Qiang Zhang

Editorial: Education for sustainable development in the built environment (Dec 2017)
Dr Alex Opoku and Professor Peter Guthrie (University of Cambridge)

Chinese CO2 emission flows have reversed since the global financial crisis (Nov 2017)
Zhifu Mi, Jing Meng, Dabo Guan, Yuli Shan, Malin Song, Yi-Ming Wei, Zhu Liu and Klaus Hubacek

The role of building control surveyors and their power in promoting sustainable construction (Nov 2017)
Dr Niamh Murtagh, Ms Loulwa Achkar and Dr Aeli Roberts

Precautionary action against overheating in English homes: what influences householders' intentions? [pdf] (Sept 2017)
Dr Niamh Murtagh, Dr Birgitta Gatersleben and Professor Chris Fife-Schaw (University of Surrey)

Environmental sustainability indicators in decision-making analysis on urban regeneration projects: the use of sustainability assessment tools [pdf] (Sept 2017)
Angeliki Maria Toli and Dr Niamh Murtagh

The consumption-based black carbon emissions of China's megacities (Sept 2017)
Jing Meng, Zhifu Mi, Haozhe Yang, Yuli Shan, Dabo Guan, Junfeng Liu

Pattern changes in determinants of Chinese emissions (Jun 2017)
Zhifu Mi, Jing Meng, Dabo Guan, Yuli Shan, Zhu Liu, Yutao Wang, Kuishuang Feng and Yi-Ming Wei

Methodology and applications of city level CO2 emission accounts in China (Jun 2017)
Yuli Shan, Dabo Guan, Jianghua Liu, Zhifu Mi, Zhu Liu, Jingru Liu, Heike Schroeder, Bofeng Cai, Yang Chen, Shuai Shao, Qiang Zhang

Managing professional jurisdiction and domestic energy use (May 2017)
Dr Faye Wade (University of Edinburgh), Dr Niamh Murtagh and Dr Russell Hitchings (UCL Department of Geography)

Carbon dioxide removal and the futures market (Jan 2017)
Professor D'Maris Coffman and Andrew Lockley

Consumption-based emission accounting for Chinese cities (Dec 2016)
Zhifu Mi, Yunkun Zhang, Dabo Guan, Yuli Shan, Zhu Liu, Ronggang Cong, Xiao-Chen Yuan, Yi-Ming Wei

Book review: The Planet Remade: How Geoengineering Could Change the World (Dec 2016)
Professor D'Maris Coffman

Distinguishing morale hazard from moral hazard in geoengineering (Sept 2016)
Andrew Lockley and Professor D'Maris Coffman

The relationship between motivations of architectural designers and environmentally sustainable construction design (May 2016)
Dr Niamh Murtagh, Dr Aeli Roberts and Richard Hind

Urban energy consumption and CO2 emissions in Beijing: current and future (Oct 2014)
Hao Yu, Su-Yan Pan, Bao-Jun Tang, Zhifu Mi, Yan Zhang, Yi-Ming Wei