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Architecture BSc (ARB/RIBA Part 1)

Develop a unique approach to the built environment and design with Architecture BSc at The Bartlett – a world-renowned course for both creativity and rigour.

About the course

This three-year course teaches students from across the globe the skills to practice architecture and an understanding of how to use those skills imaginatively in different contexts.

As an architecture student at The Bartlett, your time will be spent in both the studio and the workshop, with approximately 70% of the course taught and assessed through your design portfolio. Design teaching is delivered by leading practitioners, specialists and academics in small groups or on a one-to-one tutorial basis with frequent review sessions.

As well as being a vocational preparation for practicing architecture, BSc Architecture introduces students to the wider societal forces which affect them and architectural production, stressing the indivisibility of the architectural, cultural, professional and technological realms. Alongside design teaching, our students take core courses (Technology, History & Theory, Computing and Professional Studies) which are assessed through a combination of coursework, essays and examination.

On this course you will:

  • Learn the skills to practice architecture, exchanging ideas with students from across the globe as well as leading practitioners and academics
  • Work in state-of-the-art bespoke facilities – both our studios and workshops are designed for creative flexibility and idea generation – and take part in the UK’s biggest architecture Summer Show
  • Choose one of our famous Design Units in Year 2 and 3, with whom you’ll develop your own unique project and undertake substantial field work and trips
  • Enjoy being part of a in a world-leading community for studying, teaching and researching architecture and the built environment
It’s the fearlessness and sheer determination of the students, motivated by the School’s eagerness to question preconceptions, that makes The Bartlett so unique.

Rory Noble-Turner, BSc Architecture Student, 2017

For more information, including entry requirements, contact details and how to apply, visit our UCL online prospectus page.

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    The BSc Architecture is accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Architects Registration Board. Students who successfully complete it are exempted from Part 1 of the ARB/RIBA examinations.

    More information

    Year 1 and our Design Units

    To get a detailed understanding of BSc Architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture, please read our 2017-18 summaries of the work in Year 1 and the briefs that our 13 Design Units will work to.  

    Year 1

    2016–17 Directors: Frosso Pimenides, Carlos Jimenez Cenamor, Gavin Robotham

    Tutors: Emmanouil Stavrakakis, Lucy Leonard, Ifigeneia Liangi, Nick Westby, Umut Yamac, Emma-Kate Matthews, Gavin Robotham, Eva Ravnborg

    The main intention of the first year at The Bartlett is to explore 'ways of seeing' - understanding and interpreting objects/events/places and learning to look beyond the visible into the unseen and 'absurd' qualities of things and places. In this way, a place can also be seen as something with its own identity, which each student can personally interpret. The importance of 'character' and 'personality' is emphasised throughout the design process, whether it concerns analysis, site interpretation or architectural vision. A number of recording techniques are used as a way of clarifying the subject rather than as purely graphic representation. Through being aware of the possibilities and limitations of various techniques, each student is learning to express and then develop critically and appropriately, through their own intuition, an idea for an architectural proposition.

    In the first year, architecture is explored individually through cultivating ideas, exploring imagination and nurturing curiosity. Students explore, describe and communicate their ideas through a range of two- and three- dimensional techniques. The aim is to be serious, passionate and ruthlessly experimental - always pushing the boundaries of possible realities.

    Being open and naïve in their working method, students are encouraged to take risks - not being afraid of making mistakes is forming the basis of the approach as they often form the basis of a new idea, a different way to see the world around them. It is the path to new possible architectures.

    Students will start their year with an initial set of projects centring on each student's passage to London and the adjustments made in their personal life during this transitional period. This will be followed by a collective group installation set in Sir John Soane's Country House Pitshanger Manor in Ealing. After that students will embark on a one-week study trip to a major European city, exploring the social and cultural topography. These projects will form the basis for each student's personal building project set in London

    BSc UG0

    Material Display
    Murray Fraser (on sabattical), Sara Shafiei, Michiko Sumi

    BSc UG1

    Mads Peterson, Elie Lakin

    BSc UG2

    High Density Hybridised Urban Inhabitation
    Aleksandrina Rizova, Soomeen Hahm

    BSc UG3

    In Rêverie
    Ifigeneia Liangi, Daniel Wilkinson

    BSc UG4

    Ana Monrabal-Cook, Luke Pearson

    BSc UG5

    High Altitudes: Dreamland Alps
    Julia Backhaus, Pedro Pitarch

    BSc UG6

    Paolo Zaide, Farlie Reynolds

    BSc UG7

    Wasn't the Future Wonderful?
    Pascal Bronner, Thomas Hillier

    BSc UG8

    Everything loose will land: Adventures in the False Field
    Thomas Pearce, Greg Storrar

    BSc UG9

    Met[a]ropolia 2046
    Jessica In, Chee Kit Lai

    BSc UG10

    Informed by Materiality
    Guan Lee, Kostas Grigoriadis

    BSc UG11

    Jennifer Chen, Maren Klasing

    BSc UG12

    'escape - disupt'
    Matthew Springett, Johan Hybschmann

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