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Design Units

At The Bartlett, design is in our DNA: over the last 25 years, our unit structure has become a defining feature of studying design-led subjects at the School.

Architectural design teaching on The Bartlett’s Architecture BSc and MArch (ARB/RIBA Part 1 & Part 2) programmes is organised around ‘units’: communities of around 15-17 students spanning across year groups each led by distinguished tutors from academia or professional practice, usually both.

Each unit has its own distinctive position on the discipline and subject of architecture that evolves through a new theme each year. Units have their own approaches to research and practice methods, and act as incubators for progressive agendas beyond the institution.

Design units were established in the school in the early 1990s to give students and staff the freedom to explore diverse approaches relevant to their mutual research interests. Over more than two decades, our units have become a defining feature of these programmes, as they operate in critical dialogue with studies in technology, history and theory, and professional studies.

Bartlett Design Anthologies

For more than a decade we have been publishing annual exhibition catalogues. These catalogues, amounting to thousands of pages, reflect the best of our students’ extraordinary work and our tutors’ inspiring leadership and expertise.

Now, our new Design Anthology series brings together the annual catalogue pages for each unit, to give an overview of how their work has evolved over this duration.

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BSc Architecture Design Anthologies

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MArch Architecture Design Anthologies