The Bartlett School of Architecture


MArch Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2)

Architecture MArch at The Bartlett has an international reputation for encouraging a rigorous professional approach to architecture within a highly creative context.


About the course

One of the leading Part 2 Architecture programmes in the UK, this course allows students to develop a position of deep understanding about what architecture is and what it could be. Students strengthen their core skills in design, technology, history and theory and professional studies, working closely with world-class tutors, academics and practitioners. 

Unique to The Bartlett School of Architecture, half of the programme is delivered through design modules or groups, known as Units, which run throughout both years. Although distinct from one another, Units deliver a common set of principles with the support of a dedicated practice-based tutor.

MArch Architecture students benefit not only from the unique teaching style and structure at The Bartlett but also from unrivalled industry networking opportunities, including the largest architecture graduate showcase in the UK, the Bartlett Summer Show.

On the course you will:

  • work with world-class tutors, both academic experts and practicing architects
  • take speculative risks with your projects and test the boundaries of how architecture is defined
  • learn, practice and research within a Design Unit, with the dedicated support and expertise of a practice-based tutor
  • enjoy the School’s unrivalled reputation and networking opportunities and exhibit in the annual Bartlett Summer Show  
The Bartlett has given me a great, immersive experience in pursuing my interests and using them to develop a personal architectural stance, as well as meeting amazing teachers and making lots of new friends.

Agostino Nickl, MArch Architecture student, 2017 

This programme at The Bartlett encouraged me to be explorative and define my own intellectual position in relation to my work. I intend to take these ideas forward in the future when I begin to practise architecture professionally.
“This programme at The Bartlett encouraged me to be explorative and define my own intellectual position in relation to my work. I intend to take these ideas forward in the future when I begin to practice architecture professionally. 

Nathan Fairbrother, MArch Architecture student, 2017 

For more information, including entry requirements, contact details and how to apply, visit our UCL online prospectus page

Key Staff

Programme Co-Directors

Julia Backhaus: j.backhaus@ucl.ac.uk

Marjan Colletti: m.colletti@ucl.ac.uk

Advanced Architectural Studies (History and Theory) Tutors

Tania Sengupta: t.sengupta@ucl.ac.uk

Dr. Robin Wilson (Acting Coordinator): r.wilson@ucl.ac.uk

Design Realisation (Technology and Professional Studies) Tutors

Dirk Krowlikowski (Acting Module Coordinator): d.krolikowski@ucl.ac.uk

Thesis Tutors

Dr Edward Denison: e.denison@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Robin Wilson: r.wilson@ucl.ac.uk

Oliver Wilton: o.wilton@ucl.ac.uk


Our MArch Architecture is accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Architects Registration Board. Students who successfully complete it are exempted from Part 2 of the ARB/RIBA examinations. 


To get a detailed understanding of MArch Architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture, please read the 2017-18 briefs that our 15 Design Units will work to. 


Unit 10

In Search of Architectural Narratives and Manifestos
CJ Lim, Simon Dickens

Unit 11

National Reserve
Laura Allen, Mark Smout

Unit 12

A City in a Building / An Intimate Megastructure
Elizabeth Dow, Jonathan Hill

Unit 13

Sabine Storp, Patrick Weber

Unit 14

Pioneering Sentiment
Dirk Krolikowski

Unit 17

The ProtagonIst
Yeoryia Manolopoulou, Niall McLaughlin

Unit 18

Heterodox Natures
Isaie Bloch, Ricardo de Ostos

Unit 19

Disruptive Architectures
Mollie Claypool, Jeroen van Ameijde

Unit 20

Constructing the Avant-Garde
Marcos Cruz, Marjan Colletti, Javier Ruiz

Unit 21

Actions, Agents and Buildings
Abigail Ashton, Tom Holberton, Andrew Porter

Unit 22

Izaskun Chinchilla, Carlos Jimenez Cenamor

Unit 24

Sculpting in Time
Penelope Haralambidou, Michael Tite

Unit 25

Activating Architecture
Nat Chard, Emma-Kate Matthews

Unit 26

Strategies against Architecture
David di Duca, Simon Kennedy