The Bartlett School of Architecture


Bartlett spaces

By transforming The Bartlett's facilities, we aim to remain the UK’s number one faculty for built environment education and research.

We don't just want to accommodate our students and schools comfortably. Our programme of transforming The Bartlett’s facilities is aimed at continuing to provide an environment conducive to creativity and innovation.

22 Gordon Street

22 Gordon Street (formerly Wates House) has been home to The Bartlett School of Architecture and The Bartlett School of Planning since 1975. In December 2016, following a four-year, £30 million project, the school moved back into its radically transformed home. Students and staff are now making the most of the building's inspiring new studios, shared spaces and cutting-edge facilities, including the new B-made workshop

Here East

UCL has taken a 20-year lease on 32,206sqft of space in the Olympic Park’s former Broadcasting Centre, now known as Here East. Here East sees architects, engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, anthropologists and more working side by side, mixing with nearby entrepreneurs and performers. 

The site represents UCL’s first presence in the Olympic Park, ahead of the proposed UCL East development, and grants tremendous opportunities for co-creation and collaboration.

The Bartlett School of Architecture has four programmes which are delivered at Here East: