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PhD Research Projects 2021 – Conference & Exhibition

23 February 2021–09 March 2021, 9:30 am–7:00 pm

The Bartlett Phd Exhibition and Conference 2021

The fifteenth annual conference and exhibition presented by doctoral students at The Bartlett.

This event is free.

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Sophie Read & Nina Vollenbroker


This interdisciplinary conference and exhibition are open to the public and feature the work of students from across The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment who are developing or concluding their doctoral research (MPhil/PhD).

Both the conference and the exhibition aim to encourage discussions between students, staff, invited guests and critics and the public, and will take place online for the first time. The conference will be split between two afternoons (23 and 25 February 2021) and the exhibition will run for two weeks (23 February – 09 March 2021). 

Last year’s exhibition ended in the final days before The Bartlett shut for the UK’s first lockdown. With all doctoral students working at home since then, and in more than one country, Research Projects 2021 constitutes thinking, doing, research, work and conversations practised at a distance.

The accompanying PhD International Lecture Series evening panel event, held on the evening between the two conference dates (24 February 2021), will be a dialogue between the critics for the conference and will directly address the theme of ‘distance’ in current research and teaching practice. 


18:00, 23 February – 18:00, 09 March 2021
Online at phd2021.bartlettarchucl.com

Organised by Dr Sophie Read

The PhD Research Projects Exhibition features work from students researching Architectural Design and Architectural & Urban History & Theory at The Bartlett School of Architecture. The exhibition this year showcases projects encompassing history and theory, design and biochemical engineering and other forms of practice-based architectural design enquiry. Methods and media of research vary from archival and onsite analysis of the built environment, to bio-chemical experimentation, to practices of speech, drawing, video, weaving and collaborative comic production. 

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Exhibiting students


14:00 – 18:00, 23 February and 14:00 – 18:00, 25 February 2021 

Organised by Dr Nina Vollenbroker

This online conference, which will take place across two afternoons, is open to the public and involves presentations by students undertaking the Architectural Design MPhil/PhD and Architectural & Urban History & Theory MPhil/PhD within The Bartlett School of Architecture. This year, we also have contributions from doctoral students from the Institute for Global Prosperity and The Bartlett School of Planning

After the conference, there will be a student-led finissage on each day, hosted by Ram Shergill, Fernando P. Ferreira and Elin Eyborg Lund. Artists, musicians and makers will perform a world-making 'architectural cosmospoesis' set.


PhD Conference at The Bartlett International Lecture Series
18:00, 24 February 2021 
Online, YouTube

Organised by Dr Nina Vollenbroker

This event will form part of The Bartlett's International Lecture Series for Spring 2021. This lecture will bring together the conference’s five respondents, Irene Cheng, Amy Kulper, Huda Tayob, Phil Ayres and Ayona Datta to discuss the topic of “distance.”

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Presenting students
Invited critics
Dr Phil Ayres, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
Prof Irene Cheng, California College of the Arts
Prof Ayona Datta, UCL Department of Geography
Prof Amy Kulper, Rhode Island School of Design
Dr Huda Tayob, University of Johannesburg 
Dr Tim Waterman, The Bartlett 

Image: Elin Eyborg,‘2,500 Bricks’, 2019. Photograph by Laurence J. Moss. Sculptors: Teeraporn Khuankhwaisap and Pongsakorn Srimuang.