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B-made's teaching activities

B-made's team lead and support organised teaching activities and our facilities hosts modules' skills teaching with a breadth of learning outcomes. Read more about B-made's teaching strategy here.


Interested in a teaching collaboration with B-made?

If you are a tutor, programme co-ordinator or other member of staff looking to set up some organised teaching activities with B-made please contact us through this form.  Please note that we must maintain core opening hours and support standard workshop use, so we kindly ask that you submit your request with enough time to enable us to schedule our team and resources fairly. Please submit a request regardless of if it is for B-made staff to deliver teaching activities, or whether your teaching activities are delivered by other Bartlett staff but within the B-made facilities. 

Please submit Term 2 requests by Thursday 30 November 2023.

Submit teaching request 

Examples of teaching sessions B-made hosts:

  • 3DP
  • CNC: Milling
  • CNC: Routing
  • Digital skills: Various software / digital skills
  • Metal working: Tig welding
  • Metal working: Mig welding
  • Metal working: Brazing
  • Metal working: Sheet bending
  • Metal working: Turning (lathe)
  • Model making
  • Casting: Plaster
  • Casting: Alginate
  • Casting: Slip Casting
  • Casting: Aluminium
  • Ceramics: Intro
  • Plastics: Acrylic
  • Robotics: Grasshopper
  • Robotics: Theory
  • Robotics: 3D Printing
  • Robotics: Pick and Place
  • Robotics: Milling
  • Scanning: Faro Lidar scanning
  • Scanning: Creaform scanner
  • Scanning: Photogrammetry
  • Sewing: Digital embroidery machine
  • Wood working: Carving
  • Wood working: Steam bending
  • Wood working: Timber framing
  • Wood working: Bucket making
  • Wood working: Turning (lathe)