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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

Welcome to the Arts and Humanities Faculty’s EDI page. We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive space where the full identities of staff and students can be celebrated.

EDI at UCL means promoting fairness, being attentive to the impact of social identities and putting the most disadvantaged members of our community at the centre of university life. Inclusion celebrates 'difference' and values it as an asset, but it can require more thought, time, and resources to meaningfully accommodate it.

To get involved, student and staff can contact their departmental Inclusion Lead and apply to join their departmental EDI Committee.

EDI Dialogues @ UCL - Arts & Humanities

Our new podcast features dialogues on all things EDI in conversation with UCL Arts & Humanities staff members, students, as well as external interlocutors.

Listen to EDI Dialogues @ UCL - Arts & Humanities

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‘African Apocalypse’: Unveiling the trail of colonial violence and its enduring legacy 

Diversifying the Curriculum

The UCL Arts & Humanities’ EDI Team are working across departments to encourage decolonialising the curriculum. Here is some of the work being undertaken in the faculty and beyond:

EDI on your year abroad

Programmes offered by UCL Arts & Humanities may incorporate a year abroad. A year abroad can provide an excellent chance to engage with different cultures. However, this can provide some challenges in terms of EDI. If your programme includes a year abroad and you have any concerns or would like to talk about any issues regarding your time abroad, we encourage you to talk to your personal tutor, use the UCL report and support system, or contact student services. You may also want to contact the chair of your departmental EDI committee.

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