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Socio-Economic Equity

Being the first in the family to attend university can be challenging. We are committed to helping these students navigate the university system and providing necessary support for them to thrive.


#First-GenPhilosophers platform is dedicated to increasing the visibility of first-generation academics in philosophy—philosophers from non-academic family backgrounds—and aims to provide a space for their experiences, perspectives and ideas. 

The #First-GenPhilosophers initiative seeks to promote a more comprehensive approach to diversity and inclusion in philosophy by exploring the intersections of class with race & gender. To this end, the #First-GenPhilosophers website will feature personal reflections and scholarly contributions that explore how family background influences philosophical careers, as well as the obstacles encountered by, and the benefits of including first-generation academics. 

Whether you're a graduate student, an academic, or someone who has ventured beyond academia after your studies, we'd love to hear from you. We also offer the option to publish anonymously to ensure a diversity of perspectives. If you are a first-generation philosopher and would like to share your story, please consider submitting here.

This initiative was created by SImona Aimar and Daniel James, based on the German equivalent website and supported by the Research England, Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF).


First in the Family

Lecturers and students who work or study in SELCS, who were the first in their families to attend university or who came from backgrounds less represented at their universities, share their stories in the short film above. They talk about what motivated them to study a degree, the kinds of challenges they faced, and their advice to those thinking of applying for higher education.
Cinematographer and editor: Lorena Cervera

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBAAZntK5m4