Institute of Archaeology


Undergraduate modules

Further details of undergraduate modules are available below. Please note not all modules are available every year.  

ARCL0001Introduction to Roman Archaeology15
ARCL0002 World Archaeology: The Deep History of Human Societies30
ARCL0003World Archaeology: Evolutionary Origins to the Earliest States15
ARCL0004World Archaeology: from Early States to Globalization15
ARCL0005 Introduction to Greek Archaeology15
ARCL0006Introduction to Social Anthropology15
ARCL0007 Introduction to Egyptian and Near Eastern Archaeology15
ARCL0008  Introduction to European Prehistory15
ARCL0009Texts in Archaeology15
ARCL0010 Introduction to Archaeology15
ARCL0011Field Methods15
ARCL0012Sites and Artefacts15
ARCL0013People and Environments15
ARCL0014 World Archaeology: an outline of the deep history of human societies (for BA Arch & Anth students only)15
ARCL0015Roman Coinage15
ARCL0016  History and Archaeology of Roman Britain15
ARCL0017 Greek Art and Architecture15
ARCL0018 Roman Art and Architecture15
ARCL0019Plants and Archaeology15
ARCL0022 Zooarchaeology15
ARCL0023 Geoarchaeology15
ARCL0025 Early Medieval Archaeology of Britain15
ARCL0026Public Archaeology15
ARCL0027 Archaeological Surveying15
ARCL0029 The Emergence and Spread of Modern Humans15
ARCL0030 Current issues in Archaeological Theory15
ARCL0031The Archaeology of Mesoamerica15
ARCL0032 Advanced Field Techniques15
ARCL0033 Archaeology of the Near East from Prehistory to 2000 BC15
ARCL0035Archaeological Photography15
ARCL0036Archaeological Illustration and Imaging15
ARCL0037Interpreting Archaeological Evidence15
ARCL0038Research and Presentation Skills15
ARCL0039Ancient Civilisations of Andean South America15
ARCL0041 Organic Materials in Archaeology15
ARCL0043 Applications of Archaeological Science15
ARCL0044Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Language15
ARCL0045 Archaeometallurgy15
ARCL0046 Archaeological Ceramics15
ARCL0047 Dissertation30
ARCL0048 History, Ethnography and Archaeology of African States15
ARCL0049The Archaeology of Human Remains15
ARCL0050 Archaeology of Early South Asia15
ARCL0051Indigenous Archaeology15
ARCL0052Archaeology and Art of Early Historic Asia15
ARCL0053Maya Civilization15
ARCL0054 The Aztecs and the Colonization of Mexico15
ARCL0055Lithic Technology15
ARCL0056Introduction to the Archaeology of Sudan15
ARCL0057Archaeology of the African Diaspora15
ARCL0058Livestock and Pastoralism in Archaeology15
ARCL0059Field Archaeology15
ARCL0060Field Study Tour15
ARCL0061Ancient Societies of Amazonia15
ARCL0062Art and Archaeology of Ancient China15
ARCL0063Art and Archaeology of Early Imperial China15
ARCL0064Selected topics in the Archaeology of the Later Roman Empire15
ARCL0065 The Archaeology of the Levant15
ARCL0066The Emergence of Bronze Age Aegean States15
ARCL0068 Late Bronze Age Aegean in the Mediterranean world15
ARCL0069Painting and Society in Archaic and Classical Greece15
ARCL0070 The Archaeology of Etruscan Italy15
ARCL0075Economy and trade in the Mediterranean Iron Age15
ARCL0076Iron Age Europe15
ARCL0077Archaeology in the World15
ARCL0078The Age of Stonehenge15
ARCL0079The Archaeology of North America15
ARCL0080Old and Middle Egyptian Texts15
ARCL0081Late Egyptian Language and Texts15
ARCL0082 Coptic Language and Culture15
ARCL0083The Early Islamic World15
ARCL0085London Before the Great Fire of 1666 - affiliate course15
ARCL0190Museum Archaeology15
ARCL0193 The Neolithic of Europe15
ARCL0194Archaeology of Human Evolution15
ARCL0202Language and Script in the Archaeology of Egypt and Sudan15
ARCL0220Current Issues in Nile Valley Archaeology15