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Seaford Head Project shortlisted for Archaeological Achievement Award

24 October 2022

Project leaders Archaeology South-East are delighted that the Seaford Head Project has been shortlisted for an Archaeological Achievement Award in the Archaeological Innovation category.

text on a blue background reads "SHORTLISTED: ARCHAEOLOGICAL INNOVATION"

The Seaford Head Project is a pilot study for how an archaeological site at threat from coastal erosion could be rapidly recorded ahead of loss. We used non-intrusive, rapid and cost-effective techniques to record the current state of the site, which will inform future management. The resulting report will provide an evaluation of techniques and a template for similar projects.

Survey is already underway! Copyright: Chip Creative.

Digital outreach was a key part of the project. Particularly innovative was a spoken word performance piece by artist Alinah Azadeh, which examined themes of belonging, place and loss in a poetic and thoughtful context. Videos were also made introducing the project and detailing the results. A podcast discussion between heritage professionals invited listeners to behind-closed-doors conversations.

The partners involved in the project allowed for merging of different perspectives. The project was funded by Historic England with contributions from the South Downs National Park Authority. The project partners also included the site’s landowner, Seaford Town Council.

The winners will be announced on Tuesday 29th November. You can find out more about the project on the Seaford Head Project page, and more about the nominees on the Archaeological Achievements Awards page.