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Designing Audio Experiences: Art, Science and Production MA

This MA aims to develop a novel type of professional – the scientifically informed creative audio designer. There is currently a lack of personnel with this interdisciplinary profile in the emerging sound industries. You will build your skills in a environment where you have regular contact with leading practitioners, culminating in a graduate project mentored by industry professionals.

About this degree

This practice-based MA will create highly trained individuals who understand how humans make sense of the world through sound and can apply that knowledge, along with specialist technical spatial audio skills, to create compelling, convincing audio experiences for diverse audiences and contexts.

With the rapid expansion of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (XR), and ubiquitous headphone use, there are more and more opportunities for delivering and experiencing immersive audio. This degree will equip you with the necessary expertise in spatial audio technologies such as binaural, ambisonics, next generation audio CODECs and VBAP. You will learn the features and creative approaches that differentiate spatial audio approaches from more traditional audio workflows using industry-leading hardware and software.

As this course will be embedded within an Anthropology department, rather than a Music or traditional audio-engineering context, it offers an alternative form of engagement to other current MAs in Sonic Arts, experience and design. You will be expected to think critically about the role of sound across cultures and develop a multi-disciplinary approach. This will develop your artistic, personal interpretation of sound and soundscapes and you’ll be able to apply that to ambitious works that have the audience at their core.

Who this course is for:

This programme is best suited to students wanting to develop their immersive audio experience design in a professional framework, guided by leading industry figures and informed by innovative and scientific approaches to immersive audio storytelling.

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