UCL Anthropology


Designing Audio Experiences: Art, Science and Production MA


This practice-based MA will teach you how humans make sense of the world through sound and enable you to apply that knowledge, along with specialist technical spatial audio skills, to create compelling, convincing audio experiences for diverse audiences and contexts.

This course is the first of its kind, and unique in the world. It will develop both your artistic capacities and your technical abilities, enabling you to produce ambitious, immersive audio experiences and give you the confidence to work in diverse teams and situations. You will learn the features and creative approaches that differentiate spatial audio approaches from more traditional audio workflows using industry-leading technology.


  • Explore audio experience design in a professional framework, guided by industry-leading figures and informed by innovative and scientific approaches to immersive audio storytelling.
  • Learn in an anthropological setting and benefit from opportunities for cross-disciplinary research and creativity.
  • Create an ambitious practical piece, mentored by practising factual audio storytellers.

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