UCL Anthropology


Social Anthropology Seminar Series

Wednesdays 11am - 1pm
Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 2nd floor, 14 Taviton Street 

Spring 2020

15 January – David Graeber (London School of Economics)
From the Indigenous Critique to the Invention of the Left: or, on the origins of the question of the origins of social inequality

22 January – Deborah Reed-Danahay (University at Buffalo)
'A sense of one's place': Bourdieu, social space, and (im)mobilities.

29 January – Mike Rowlands and Stephan Feuchtwang (UCL & LSE)
It's time to reintroduce an anthropology of civilisations

5 February – Karin Barber (University of Birmingham & LSE Centennial Professor)
(RAI President's Lifetime Achievement Award 2019: Karin Barber CBE:

Karin Barber is Emeritus Professor at the University of Birmingham in African Studies and a Centennial Professor in the Anthropology Department at the LSE, and is known for her long-term work amongst the Yoruba, especially in their theatre and language. Her works have won numerous prizes, as has her doctoral supervision, and she has performed various voluntary roles with conspicuous success, including being a Vice-President of the British Academy, President of the African Studies Association, and has been given additionally a Yoruba chieftaincy title). Popular poesis: How Yoruba texts are made in everyday life.

12 February – Camilla Power (University of East London)
Gender and ritual power among African hunter-gatherers

[Cancelled due to UCU strike action] 26 February – Zerrin Özlem Biner (University of Kent)
States of Dispossession: Violence and Precarious Coexistence in Southeast Turkey

[Cancelled due to UCU strike action] 4 March – Megan Laws (London School of Economics)
All things being equal: uncertainty, ambivalence and trust in a Namibian conservancy

[Cancelled due to UCU strike action] 11 March – Hedwig Waters (UCL)
A deserving share: the cosmo-economics of commodity chains in the Mongolian borderlands.

[Cancelled] 18 March – Heonik Kwon (University of Cambridge)
‘Civil War and Communitas’ draws upon After the Korean War: An Intimate History, CUP due to be out in March 2020).