UCL Anthropology


Biological Anthropology Seminar Series

TUESDAYS 16:30 -18:00
DARYLL FORDE SEMINAR ROOM (Anthropology Building, 14 Taviton St, off Gordon Sq)
Informal get-together with the speakers after the talks

Autumn 2018 - Seminars in Evolutionary Anthropology

2 October Phyllis Lee (University of Stirling)
Longevity, Grandmothers and Reproductive Success: The Elephant Example…

9 October Diana Fleischman (University of Portsmouth)
How to Train Your Boyfriend: The Human Training Instinct and How Women Won the Arms Race

16 October Kit Opie (University of Bristol)
Major Transitions in Evolution: When’s the Next One?

23 October Helen Chatterjee (UCL Biosciences)
Gibbonology in the 21st Century: Small Ape Conservation and Research

30 October Suzanna White (UCL Anthropology)
Big Brow Theory: Supraorbital Morphology in Middle Pleistocene Hominins

6 November Reading Week **NO SEMINAR**

** "Departmental Seminars" (Wednesday, 11:00-13:00) replace the sectional seminars during the second half of term 1

Organizer: Volker Sommer (v.sommer@ucl.ac.uk)