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Evolutionary Anthropology Seminar Series

TUESDAYS 16:30 -18:00
DARYLL FORDE SEMINAR ROOM (Anthropology Department, 14 Taviton St, WC1H 0BW)
Informal get-together with the speakers after the talk
All Welcome

Autumn 2019

1 October Mark Dyble (UCL Anthropology)
Beyond primates? What can we learn about the evolution of human sociality from meerkats (and others)?

8 October Sarah Johns (University of Kent)
Tinder, #metoo, cyberharassment: Evolutionary perspectives on unsolicited sexual images

15 October Adriana Lowe (University of Canterbury)
Infanticide in wild chimpanzees: Functions and counterstrategies

22 October Tomos Proffitt (UCL Institute of Archaeology)
Primate archaeology: What can primate tool use tell us about the emergence of technology?

29 October Sandra Martelli (UCL Cell & Developmental Biology)
Finding our voice: The postnatal development of the human and modern ape cranial base

5 November Reading Week **NO SEMINAR**

No Evolutionary Anthropology seminars during second part of term 1. UCL Anthropology hosts cross-sectional Departmental Seminars instead (Wednesdays, 11:00-12:30).

Contact: Suzy White (suzanna.white@ucl.ac.uk)