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Self-Care Practices for Everyday Life

7 February 2023

Self-care can come in many forms, including physical exercise or practicing mindfulness. The important thing to remember is that self-care is about listening to what your mind and body need, and everyone's needs are different.

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Physical self-care practices

  • Exercise - as well as being good for your physical health, research shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy. Exercise can range from going for a walk or run, to playing football in the park with friends.
  • Cook yourself a healthy dinner - if you're stuck for ideas check out BBC Good Food recipes
  • Sleep - sleep can affect our mood but also takes a toll on our body if you don't get enough of it. If you have trouble sleeping why not try a meditation app?

Social self-care practices

  • Call a family member or speak to a friend - being away from home can be tough but calling your family or speaking to your flatmate can improve your mood and nurtures the relationships with people in your life.
  • Attend a Flourish event - you can join social events within your own hall and make new friends. 
  • Volunteer - give back to the community or make a change in someones life by volunteering. Students' Union UCL has great volunteering opportunities close to UCL Halls.

Mental self-care practices

  • Journal - as well as achieving goals and tracking progress and growth, journalling can also help to reduce stress and anxiety and strengthen your memory.
  • Practice gratitude - being grateful for the positives in life can have a profound impact on your mood, outlook and overall well-being.
  • Take a break - make sure to take a break every now and then from studying and don't be so tough on yourself!

Spiritual self-care

  • Meditiation - meditation can help to focus on the present and build skills to manage stress. If you don't know where to start, apps such as headspace and Calm both offer free trials. 
  • Yoga - as well as being good for mindfulness, yoga can also help your sleep quality and muscle strength.
  • Being in nature - going out for a walk in the park and exposure to sunlight will be sure to boost your mood. 

The Student Support and Wellbeing team offer a wide range of services which are free of charge and open to all UCL students.