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5 Things you should do before moving into halls

12 August 2021

Now you’ve accepted your offer and paid your deposit, you might be thinking, what should I do now? To help you get ready, here’s a short guide to everything you should do in the lead-up to the big day.

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1.    Prepare for your arrival into the UK

If you’re arriving from another country, the first thing you’ll need to do is check the rules for entering England from your home country. 

To keep up to date, make sure to look at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website to allow you to prepare for coronavirus testing and potential quarantining. 

Once you’re familiar with the government’s rules, you then need to plan your arrival in England.

Take a look at UCL’s guide to the traffic light system, with all the information you need to know about quarantining as well as the support on offer from the university and UCL Accommodation.

If you need to quarantine, you’ll need to submit an early arrival request form via the portal. You can find out more about this on our quarantining and self-isolation webpage

2.    Plan what you’re taking with you

Planning what you’re going to bring to make your room a fantastic place to live is a great way to get yourself excited for university.

For a detailed list of all the essentials you need to bring to university, take a look at our previous blog post, the Big Move: Packing.

To make things easier, you can purchase the essential bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen packs from UniKitOut. They can even deliver it to your room ready for when you move-in. 

You probably also want to make your room completely yours – after all, it will be your new home for the next year!

For your own added touches, check out some suggestions included in our previous blog post, 4 tips to make your room start to feel like a home.

3.    Complete UCL’s induction modules

To help new students hit the ground running before they start at UCL, the university has created fantastic induction modules.

From learning about the university’s sustainability plans to getting your head around the library services, this is a great resource to help you feel much more prepared and comfortable before starting at UCL. 

Complete them all in your own time before you move into halls and start your exciting university journey!

4.    Learn about living in London

London is a big and exciting place with plenty to do to keep yourself entertained. 

You might be wondering; how do I use the underground? What activities should I do first? Are there any student discounts in the city?

To help answer these questions, check out UCL’s blog all about London life. From a public transport guide to other recommendations to navigating the city, these articles can help you get your head around the different aspects of London life.

If you’re looking for student activity recommendations here in London, then you’re already in the right place!
Find out the best places to visit as a student through our Flourish blog.

Written by students, you can find out the best things to do in the big city, as well as tips for saving money, living sustainably, and more. 

5.    Tick off UCL’s checklist

Moving to a new city and becoming a university student means that there are different things you need to do to prepare.

To keep everything simple and easy, UCL has created a checklist including everything you need to do to be as safe and equipped as possible. 

From getting your vaccinations to arranging your finances, check out UCL’s checklist and make sure you tick each one off before you start university next month. 

The start of your UCL journey is just around the corner, and it might seem like a lot of change will be happening all at once, but hopefully these 5 points will help you plan and prepare.

Remember that your time at UCL is sure to be a fantastic and memorable experience!