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7 Essential Things to Bring to University

6 August 2020

Congratulations! You’ve done it. The hard part of getting into uni is over. Now on to the next leg of your journey: getting ready to come to uni.

New Students Moving in

This involves figuring out what to bring and how to fit them all into your bottomless bags.

Without careful planning, this can feel daunting. (Especially with the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak. So, be sure to check out our coronavirus advice and support page on how to manage your first year during this time.)

For now, we want to make sure that moving to uni doesn’t take too much out of you. That’s why we’ve put together this list. 

Our simple checklist will help you figure out what to bring and what to leave at home. This way, you can really focus on getting the most out of your first year.

1. Important documents

Dossiers, files, paperwork… You know, all the sticky red tape holding the world together.

•    Passport and/or National ID
•    UCL acceptance letter (useful for opening a bank account, obtaining student discount cards etc.)
•    Visas and supporting documents (if applicable)
•    Driving Licence
•    Insurance documents (travel, contents etc.)
•    Student finance documents (loans, bursaries etc.) 
•    Bank details and cards
•    NHS number or European Health Insurance Card (if you have one)
•    Tickets/online flight booking (if coming from outside the UK)
•    UK pound sterling for any initial costs (if coming from outside the UK)
•    Financial evidence and UK pound sterling for any initial costs (if coming from outside the UK)
•    Any important medical documents (if applicable and translated if necessary)

2. Electricals

Our lives would certainly come to a halt without our gadgets and gizmos. So, be sure to bring the following items with you.

•    Mobile phone and charger
•    Laptop and charger
•    Headphones and/or speakers
•    Power extension cable (with surge protection, but not cubed ones)
•    Travel adaptor (if applicable)
•    Hairstyling appliances

3. Kitchen Essentials 

Ready for the Great British Bake Off? Items you bring from home will do well. But it’s best to bring as little as you can. It’s usually better to buy essential items at UniKitOut or from shops near campus.

•    A basic cutlery set
•    A glass, a mug, a plate and a bowl
•    A quality sharp knife, kitchen scissors and tongs
•    A frying pan or wok 
•    A sauce pan
•    A baking tray
•    A bottle-opener/corkscrew (Swiss army knives work well)
•    A dishcloth
•    A chopping board
•    A sieve/colander
•    Tupperware

Do not bring:
•    Kettle, toaster, microwave, iron and fridge (UCL halls already have those)

4. Bedroom

Never take deep sleep lightly. Make sure you have everything you need, so you can always feel rested.

•    Some coat hangers
•    A laundry basket 
•    Bed linen (UCL doesn’t provide these, so bring your own, get it at UniKitOut, or buy it at shops near campus)

5. Bathroom

Nothing beats feeling fresh and clean. Remember, you can pick up most things when you arrive, or order them from UniKitOut. But do make sure to bring some basics.

•    One big and one small towel (unless you’ve requested a linen pack)
•    Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, deodorant etc.)
•    One toilet roll (always good to have one as you arrive to uni)

6. Clothing

Make sure to limit what you bring. No need to go all Marie Kondo on your wardrobe. Just keep in mind that UK weather is quite unpredictable. Plus, you’ll have limited space and might end up shopping anyway.

•    Some casual outfits (layers work well)
•    A smart outfit or two for going out
•    Underwear and socks (about a week’s worth)
•    A hooded raincoat
•    A winter coat and hat, gloves and scarf (winters can be freezing here)
•    A travel-sized umbrella
•    Shoes (waterproof shoes, trainers, going out shoes, everyday casual shoes)
•    Gym gear and/or swimwear
•    A rucksack

7. Personal items

A memento (not the movie) can help instantly transport you back home. Little reminders and personal items are important for your overall wellbeing, so select what you bring carefully.

•    A couple of mementos from home
•    Medication and supplies (plasters, painkillers, prescription medication etc.)

We hope this checklist helps you prepare for your trip to uni. 

If you’d like a downloadable version, we recommend this list from UCL Accommodation or this list from the Save the Student website. For international students, we also recommend checking out this guide.

We look forward to seeing you soon!