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Fire Safety

At UCL, the safety of our students and staff is a top priority.

All UCL halls have extensive and robust fire safety arrangements in place. These measures have been developed in consultation with the UCL Fire Safety team and include:

  • Regular review of fire safety within all UCL halls
  • Full liaison and engagement with the local fire authority
  • Simultaneous fire evacuation- requiring all occupants to leave the building once an alarm has been activated
  • Basic fire safety measures such as fire doors, fire extinguishers, clearly marked evacuation routes and smoke ventilation systems
  • Comprehensive fire detection and alarm systems
  • Student regulations which prohibit hazardous equipment and activities
  • Termly room checks to confirm compliance with the student regulations
  • Routine functional testing of fire precautions
  • Regular fire risk assessments and reviews
  • Termly fire evacuation drills

There are also dedicated fire marshals at all UCL halls 24/7 who are trained to the highest standards to manage any fire related incidents.

UCL Estates teams (Accommodation, Fire Safety, Maintenance and Estates Development) continually undertake reviews of the accommodation estate to assess the robustness of fire safety measures in place. A recent fire safety audit confirmed a good level of compliance with fire safety measures. UCL Accommodation is also signed up to the UUK Student Accommodation Code.

More information on UCL’s fire safety can be found on our Safety Services webpages.


Information regarding fire safety at our UCL Accommodation Unite sites (Beaumont Court, Stapleton House and St Pancras Way), can be found here.


Fire Safety Guidelines for Students