Academic Manual


Section 8: Withdrawing from a Programme

1.Students who are thinking about withdrawing from their programme should first discuss their options with their Personal Tutor or Programme Leader.
2.If a student wishes to permanently withdraw from their programme, they must submit an application via the online form in Portico stating the effective date of withdrawal.
3.Applications must be considered by the Department/ Division in the first instance. 
4. The Department/ Division should forward supported applications to the Faculty Tutor for final approval. 
5.If approval is granted, the Faculty Tutor must notify UCL Student Records to formally close the student’s record.
6.Once a student has withdrawn they will not normally be permitted to re-register on the same programme at UCL. Exceptionally, the Faculty Tutor may permit a student to re-register, and formally ask UCL Student Records to re-open the student’s record.