Withdrawing from your programme

Before you make a decision

Please read the regulations on withdrawing from your programme before making an application.

If you are thinking of leaving UCL or transferring to another university, you should contact your department in the first instance in order to discuss your options. UCL Student Support and Wellbeing can also give advice and guidance. There are many ways in which UCL can support you to continue your studies.

Should you have a query about withdrawing, you can contact the UCL Student Records team by logging an enquiry through askUCL.

Log a query via askUCL

How to apply

If you do make the decision to leave, you will need to formally apply for a Withdrawal of Study. 

Undergraduate and postgraduate students 

Login to your Portico account and complete the online application under the 'C2RS Home' menu.

Postgraduate research students

Your supervisor or departmental research administrator must email the UCL Research Degrees team confirming the effective date and reason for withdrawal.

What happens next?

Once your withdrawal is approved, your UCL record will be closed. You will not be able to return to the programme of study. 

You may be eligible for an interim qualification if you meet certain criteria and if interim qualifications are available on your programme of study. Contact your department for more information.

The Board of Examiners will confirm your module results. You will receive a transcript for the credits which you have completed at UCL.

Fees and Funding

Depending on when you withdraw, you may still be liable to pay a portion of your tuition fees. Learn about your fee liability in the fees section.

Withdrawing will also affect your funding arrangements. Find out more in the funding information section.

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