About UCL


UCL vision, aims and values

UCL's founding principles of academic excellence and research, aimed at addressing real-world problems, continue to inform our ethos to this day.

UCL is one of the world’s leading multi-disciplinary universities. We operate in a global context and are committed to excellence, innovation and the promotion of global understanding in all our activities: research, teaching, learning, enterprise and community engagement.


Our distinctive approach to research, education and innovation will further inspire our community of staff, students and partners to transform how the world is understood, how knowledge is created and shared and the way that global problems are solved.


London’s Global University: a diverse intellectual community, engaged with the wider world and committed to changing it for the better; recognised for our radical and critical thinking and its widespread influence; with an outstanding ability to integrate our education, research, innovation and enterprise for the long-term benefit of humanity.

Principal themes

UCL's strategy is based on the following principal themes:

  • Academic leadership grounded in intellectual excellence
  • A global leader in the integration of research and education, underpinning an inspirational student experience
  • Addressing global challenges through our disciplinary excellence and distinctive cross-disciplinary approach
  • An accessible, publicly engaged organisation that fosters a lifelong community
  • London’s Global University: in London, of London and for London
  • Delivering global impact through a network of innovative international activities, collaborations and partnerships.

Read more at UCL 2034: UCL's 20-year strategy and see UCL 2022: annual review

UCL Strategic Plan 2022-27 - UCL is currently consulting with its community – staff, students, alumni, key partners – to develop a strategic plan for the next five years. The plan aims to build on the trajectory established by UCL 2034, our 20-year strategy, and our ambition to be London’s global university. Go to ucl.ac.uk/strategic-plan-2022-27