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Institutional plans and strategies

UCL's future plans are guided by UCL 2034, the university's 20-year strategy.

Key UCL strategies

UCL East

UCL is building a new campus at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, to form part of a wider education and cultural quarter following the government's announcement of £152m in support of the project. UCL East is envisaged as a radical new model of how a university campus can be embedded in the local community and with businesses, as well as providing world-leading research, education, entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Transforming UCL

A range of projects are taking place across the campus as part of a 'Masterplan' vision to transform UCL into a more vibrant student-focused environment, to support teaching and learning and improve the student experience. The Masterplan was released in 2011 with a broad vision for the future of UCL. A suite of projects to enhance the student and staff experience began in Summer 2012 to help to improve student learning spaces with an extended programme of works that followed. There are now a range of ‘hubs’ across the campus, including the Cruciform Hub, the Royal Free Hub within the Royal Free Hospital, and the Whittington Hub in the Highgate Wing. 

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Campaign for UCL

Campaign at UCL…
Philanthropy founded UCL as a home for radical thinkers and to open up education for all on equal terms. Nearly 200 years later, philanthropy is still at the heart of UCL and enabling us to fulfil those founding principles in a global context. In September 2016, UCL launched its biggest ever fundraising and engagement campaign focused on four main themes – students, health, London and disruptive thinking. It will also grow its worldwide community of friends, supporters, alumni, volunteers and mentors to create an unbeatable social and professional network.

Through this campaign, UCL will enhance its major contributions to the health and wealth of the UK and the world. Its major targets include: to better diagnose and treat, and ultimately cure, conditions like dementia and cancer; to develop a major new campus in east London and improve opportunities for our new neighbours; to build up our scholarships fund so that no person’s potential is wasted or ambition thwarted by lack of finance; to find new ways to demolish barriers between disciplines that hamper discovery and application.

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