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UCL Data & Insight Service

Improving decision-making in support of our core academic mission.

Service Overview

The Data and Insight (D&I) Service supports UCL's academic mission by enabling staff to make decisions which are based on evidence. The service does this by:

  • Visually representing complex data in engaging ways.
  • Providing easy access to up to date management information.
  • Providing a single source of truth for the data.

The D&I service is supported by the UCL Integrated Data Warehouse (IDW) and Tableau analytical and data visualisation software.

The dashboards we currently offer can be found in the Data & Insight - Dashboards section.

The dashboards we are developing can be found in the UCL Data & Insight Pipeline.

The Data and Insight team also offers a range of services which are set out below:

1. Consultancy (analytical and data preparation)

The D&I team can offer advice, practical guidance and hands-on support for a range of analytical tasks such as:

  • Best-practice for reporting and visualisation
  • Analytical work to support decisions
  • Sector benchmarking
  • Tableau and Alteryx knowhow problems

2. Training

  • Tableau training via our Tableau provider (free and paid options available)
  • Assisted Tableau development for Customer Insight Group (CIG)-approved Tableau projects
  • Training and demonstrations of our dashboards

3.  Heidi Plus

We are UCL’s lead users of the Heidi Plus service. We can help

  • Provide access to Heidi Plus
  • Provide training in Heidi Plus development and data discovery
  • Identify dashboards to help with benchmarking
  • Produce data and analyses using Heidi Plus data

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