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What UCL does

UCL is taking on some of the biggest challenges of our time, and making vital contributions to the public good. Discover more about our strategic goals, key statistics and history.

As set out in UCL 2034, UCL's strategy is based on the following principal themes:

  • Academic leadership grounded in intellectual excellence
  • A global leader in the integration of research and education, underpinning an inspirational student experience
  • Addressing global challenges through our disciplinary excellence and distinctive cross-disciplinary approach
  • An accessible, publicly engaged organisation that fosters a lifelong community
  • London’s Global University: in London, of London and for London
  • Delivering global impact through a network of innovative international activities, collaborations and partnerships.

We are continually making an impact on the world we live in.

UCL impact
Some of our top projects and discoveries include the following:

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