About UCL


Where UCL is

Our position in London brings unique benefits, providing access to a wealth of opportunities, and enabling us to contribute to everything that makes it one of the world's greatest cities.

A world-leading university in a global city is a powerful and inspiring combination. UCL reflects London’s strengths, and we make significant contributions to London’s impact on the UK, Europe and globally. Our staff and students benefit from being in one of the world’s most celebrated and diverse cities, and they give back by making a real difference to London’s people, economy, communities and culture.

UCL in London landscape

At the heart of one of the most dynamic cities in the world

  • In the London’s Bloomsbury district – traditionally a place for rebels and innovators.
  • At the heart of the Knowledge Quarter, a consortium of over 90 academic, cultural, research, scientific and media organisations.
  • Close to a wealth of academic resources – museums and libraries, academic and professional bodies, theatres, hospitals and medical institutes.
  • Close collaboration and partnerships with leading organizations and iconic institutes – such as the British Library, British Museum, RIBA, Zoological Society of London, Institute of Physics, the BBC, the Wellcome Trust, etc.
  • Also perfectly placed to foster enterprise and business partnerships (including through UCL Innovation & Enterprise)

Campus info

Creating campuses equipped for the future

  • £1.25 billion invested in transforming UCL facilities.
  • Brand new campus UCL East will be home to new degree programmes, research, innovation, and technologies.
  • The new Student Centre opened its doors in 2019 – an essential space to think, explore, collaborate, discover and challenge. 
  • We teach our students how to think, not what to think.
  • We are investing £281.6 million into a new purpose-built biomedical facility which will house over 500 scientists from across UCL's neuroscience community.