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IfWH PhD Induction Page

Welcome! Please follow the below steps to complete the IfWH PhD Induction.

Pending Application Approval

You would have received an email from Sioban SenGupta containing information on next steps following the submission of your MPhil/PhD application - this is not a formal offer and any formal offers will be sent to you directly from UCL Admissions. Please read through the letter enclosed in the email carefully, sign to indicate acceptance of the terms set out and return it to Sioban & the Education team at your earliest convenience.

Within this email, you are asked to complete and return the following documents at your earliest convenience:

Complete the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Form - Ownership and management of any intellectual property generated by students during their time at IfWH will be in accordance with UCL’s policy: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/students/policies/intellectual-property-rights

Following Application Approval

  1. Complete the Occupational Health Job Hazard Form - It is a requirement for research students to be medically screened before they begin their course. Please complete the Job Hazard Form and return it to the UCL Occupational Health Service. The form should be signed by your supervisor as the ‘Employing Manager’.
  2. Complete the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) form, if you have not already done so, with your supervisor on arrival at UCL and return to Sioban SenGupta.

Here is some more information below for when you arrive at UCL:


3. Registration: 

To register, you will need to go to the Student Centre at the Recruitment and Admissions Hub as soon as you can on or after your start date (and within 2 working weeks, otherwise the offer lapses). Take along photographic ID and have your student reference number available too. They can sort out your registration. The Student Centre staff should direct you regarding where and how to get your UCL ID card and your UCL your UCL user name and password etc.


4.1 IfWH Induction: 

Soon after you register, you will have an Institute Induction meeting with Sioban SenGupta as the IfWH Graduate Tutor (Research). Please email Sioban to let her know when you have registered to fix a date for the meeting.
At this meeting Sioban will refer to the timeline for research students, and also the Doctoral School Code of Practice and the Doctoral School Handbook.
Please read on the following links for information about the Faculty of Population Health Science Thesis Committee Guidelines and Faculty of Population Health Science Handbook for research degrees.

4.2 IfWH Health & Safety Induction:

You should complete both your UCL Safety Induction in addition to the local IfWH Safety Induction.

To get access to the IfWH buildings, you will need to collect a UCL EGA Institute for Women's Health ID Card from the UCL Andrew Huxley Security Building taking with you some form of formal ID. They will take your picture and issue you with your ID Card that will have pre-determined access levels to allow you into IfWH Buildings. 

Andrew Huxley Building, Gower St, London, WC1E 6BT 
Opening hours: 09:00 -16:45pm Monday-Friday
T: 020 7679 2100 Internal: 32100. W: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/security

You will need your login details to complete mandatory training listed below. For more information on your UCL Computing details (User ID & password), please read further on IT essentials for New Students.

  1. UCL fire safety
  2. Data Protection & Freedom of Information training
  3. Unconscious bias training

You will need to complete the UCL Fire Route and Local Safety Induction Checklist with your supervisor & Lab Manager, Hanaa El Hachami (h.hachami.ucl.ac.uk), please send Hanaa an email with your availability. 

Finally, please familiarise yourself with our IfWH Health & Safety Policy, General Safety Arrangements & Lab Safety Arrangements documents. 

5. The IfWH Road Map: 

Please ensure you read the full IfWH PhD Road Map to gain an understanding of how your time should be proportioned once enrolled.

IfWH PhD Road Map

6. UCL Induction: Doctoral Skills Development Programme
The UCL Doctoral Skills Development Programme (UCL DocSkills) is designed to help you to expand your research and transferable skills in order to support your research, professional development and employability.

The UCL Doctoral School Welcome Event is mandatory, you can view the induction videos & dates for the sessions as advertised on the UCL Doctoral School website. 

We also expect all research students to attend the Doctoral School Introduction to Skills Development and the Research Student Log. Please read more on Introduction to Skills Development and the Research Student Log webapge.



IRIS banner

7. Web/IRIS Profile: 

As a postgraduate research student you will have an IRIS profile which you should aim to populate and update. https://www.ucl.ac.uk/isd/services/research-it/faqs/iris-faqs


Email icon

8. Communication: 
Once you are registered, the Institute for Women's Health (IfWH) Education Admin Team will add you to the IfWH Research Student mailing list using your UCL email address and enroll you on the Research Student Moodle page.

It is really important to regularly check your UCL email (or redirect it to another email that you do check regularly) as this is where both the Institute and central UCL will send key communications to.

9. IfWH Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network:

The IfWH Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network is a space for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to obtain careers advice, benefit from peer support, present research and socialise. Please get in touch with them for information regarding events or if you are interested in joining the organising committee ifwh-ecr@ucl.ac.uk.

Questions & Support 

Feel welcome to contact the IfWH Graduate Tutor, Sioban SenGupta (sioban.sengupta@ucl.ac.uk) and the Institute Education Admin Team (ifwhadminteam@ucl.ac.uk) if you have any queries or further questions on the Induction material.