EGA Institute for Women's Health


Current Projects


Understanding the fetal immune response to ascending vaginal infection

Prematurity is associated with cerebral palsy as well as other neurodevelopmental, respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders. We do not fully understand how the fetal innate immune system responds to ascending vaginal infection and how this results in these disorders. We are investigating this in our models of preterm birth in order to develop better treatments.

Developing novel anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial therapeutics for the prevention of preterm birth and perinatal brain damage

Preterm birth accounts for approximately 11% of births worldwide and is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in babies. Currently, treatment options are limited. It is crucial that new therapeutics are developed to prevent infection in the womb and protect the babies. We are developing novel and innovative treatments to protect and improve the health of premature babies.

Investigating the role of maternal intrauterine infection on neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury

Premature babies are at an increased risk of brain damage, which can result in cerebral palsy. Exposure to infection in the womb can make the baby more susceptible to brain damage if they are later deprived of oxygen during labour. We are investigating a clinically relevant model of this condition that will aid understanding as well as the development and testing of new therapeutics.