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Claudia Sisa

Claudia Sisa

Project title

A new approach to treat infection-sensitise hypoxic-ischemimc brain damage and retinopathy 

Project description 

Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic (HI) brain injury is a leading cause of death, with high morbidity, affecting 1 to 3 over 1000 living birth per year. The clinical manifestation is more severe in cases of pre-exposure to bacterial infections, and currently, no effective treatments are available for LPS-sensitised HI damage. We hypothesise AnnexinV, a widely used apoptotic marker, and suggested to interact with bacterial membranes to have a therapeutic activity in brain HI injury. The aims of my project are (i) to better characterise the therapeutic potential of AnnexinV, (ii) to evaluate its neuroprotective effects in an in-vivo murine model of infection-sensitised HI damage, (iii) to develop Annexin-functionalised compound to improve the therapeutic effectiveness.

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Dr Mariya Hristova

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86 - 96 Chenies Mews


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