EGA Institute for Women's Health


Current research students

Current research students within the Research Department of Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Supervised by Prof Anna David

Research Group: Prenatal Cell and Gene Therapy

NameProject title
Maria IvanCaesarean section scars and preterm birth
Amrita BanerjeePrevious caesarean section and prediction of subsequent pregnancy outcome
Anni KhanSacral neuropathy and global pelvic floor dysfunction 
Yada KunpalinImprovements to prenatal diagnosis and fetal surgery for spina bifida
Kasia MaksymUteroplacental, fetal perfusion and placenttion in normal and severely growth restricted pregnancy
Nada MuftiNovel imaging of the Fetus and Placenta using MRI
Joseph DavidsonTolerance induction in allogeneic in utero haematopoietic cell transplantation

Supervised by Dr Pascale V Guillot

Research Group: Cellular Reprogramming and Perinatal Therapy

NameProject title
Ellen PetzendorferProject title
Rachel SagarIn utero stem cell treatment for babies with osteogenesis imperfecta
Ahmad ShuwhiProject title

Supervised by Dr Mariya Hristova

Research Group: Perinatal Brain

NameProject title
Konstantina TetorouProject title


Supervised by Dr Rezan Abdul Kadir

NameProject title
Deborah Obeng-TuudahProject title


Supervised by Prof Donald Peebles

Research Group: Preterm Labour

NameProject title
Brian DromeyProject title
Rachel PeasleyProject title

Supervised by Dr Simon Waddington

Research Group: Gene Transfer Technology

NameProject title
Riccardo PrivolizziProject title

Supervised by Dr David Williams

Research Group: Maternal Medicine

NameProject title
Darya KozlykProject title
Tamara KubbaProject title