EGA Institute for Women's Health


Current research students

Current research students within the Research Department of Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Supervised by Prof Anna David

Research Group: Prenatal Cell and Gene Therapy


NameProject title
Jane CurrieProject title
Annie KhanProject title 
Roz PrattProject title
Panicos ShangarisProject title
Rebecca SpencerProject title

Supervised by Dr Pascale V Guillot

Research Group: Cellular Reprogramming and Perinatal Therapy

NameProject title
Rachel SagarIn utero stem cell treatment for babies with osteogenesis imperfecta
Filipa VlahovaCharacterising the heterogeneity of the human mid-trimester amniotic fluid stem cell population  

Supervised by Dr Mariya Hristova

Research Group: Perinatal Brain


NameProject title
Claudia SisaA new approach to treat infection-sensitise hypoxic-ischemimc brain damage and retinopathy 

Supervised by Prof Donald Peebles

Research Group: Preterm Labour

NameProject title
Adalina SaccoProject title
Natalie SuffProject title

Supervised by Dr Simon Waddington

Research Group: Gene Transfer Technology

NameProject title
Juan Antinao DiazGene therapy approach for rare inherited childhood epilepsy, Dravet syndrome

Supervised by Dr David Williams

Research Group: Maternal Medicine

NameProject title
Fredrika AseniusDiscovering paternal determinants of fetal growth
Mandeep KalerAn investigation into the aetiology of acute fatty liver of pregnancy
Tamara KubbaProject title


Past research students