EGA Institute for Women's Health


Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

The Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS) team members are based at the Institute for Women’s Health at University College London.

FPMRS encompasses specialised care for women suffering from difficult and often embarrassing problems that arise from the pelvic floor, which include prolapse, incontinence, chronic pain, neurological dysfunction, trauma, and female genital mutilation. The main aetiology appears to be pregnancy and childbirth trauma, though neurological diseases, hormonal changes, and connective tissue disorders also play a significant role.

FPMRS brings Urogynaecologists, pain medicine specialists, functional gastroenterologists/colorectal surgeons, nurse specialists and physiotherapists together to help formulate an individualised plan of care for each woman. Other specialists, including urologists, rheumatologists, immunologists, and microbiologists work in collaboration with this core team. This is to ensure woman get the best care.

Our Mission Statement:

As FPMRS clinicians, our aim is to provide holistic care to help restore function and dignity to each individual woman.

We do this by undertaking both clinical and scientific research to explore the problems encountered.

Although the FPMRS research group is based in London, it works in close collaboration with colleagues in Africa and Asia as part of its global health strategy – covering the area of genito-urinary fistula, FGM, and other aspects of pelvic floor dysfunction.


Team members


Sohier Elneil 




Rajvinder Khasriya 


Ashish Shetty 


Maria Stasiowska



Senior Fellows:

David Chatoor


Guldzhan Vorona


Baha Khan



Junior Fellow:

Ahmed Darwish



Research Nurses:

Esther Kuria 


Gwen Gonzales


Jigna Shah