UCL Genetics Institute


UGI Seminar - John Overington, EBI, 2nd July at 1pm

4 April 2013

“ChEMBL - An Open Database of Bioactivity and Pharmacology Data for Drug Discovery"

Venue: Second Floor Seminar Room

Rayne Building

5 University Street, WC1E 6JF


ChEMBL is an Open Database of over one million bioactive molecules with associated quantitative bioactivities. It is built primarily from abstraction of the primary medicinal chemistry literature and is therefore focussed on potent and functional active molecules and the SAR trends around them. ChEMBL indexes the data by molecular target, binding domain, organism and provides a useful platform in many aspects of drug discovery ranging across areas such as target prioritisation, screening library design, target identification of hits from phenotypes screens, prediction of safety liabilities, multi-parameter optimisation, and also in drug repositioning studies. The structure and content of the database will be reviewed, and then use cases for translational genomics and academic drug discovery will be presented.


John Overington is the Team Leader for the computational Chemical Biology team at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, UK. He studied for a PhD in Crystallography at Birkbeck College, University of London in 1991, working of protein modelling and sequence template bioinformatic methods development. Since this time John has held a number of positions in large Pharma and Biotech sectors prior to joining the EBI in 2008.