UCL Division of Biosciences


UCL Genetics Institute Research Groups

Listed below are the labs and groups within the UCL Genetics Institute.


chimp and DNA strands

Andres Group

Dr Aida Andres


computational genomics

Computational Genomics Group

Prof Francois Balloux

Phylogeny, genomics, virus

van Dorp Group

Dr Lucy van Dorp

Hellenthal Group

Dr Garret Hellenthal

kuchenbaecker group

Kuchenbaecker Group

Dr Karoline Kuchenbaecker


Nik Maniatis UCL

Maniatis Group

Prof Nik Maniatis

Photo of Mott Lab

Mott Group

Prof Richard Mott

Secrier Group
Computational Cancer Genomics

Dr Maria Secrier

Dallas Group Photo

Swallow Group

Prof Dallas Swallow

Cheddar Man

Molecular & Cultural Evolution Lab

Prof Mark Thomas