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Eleven east London artist and researcher collaborations announced

11 May 2023

Following a period of matchmaking, the UCL East Engagement team are pleased to announce that 11 new collaborations between east London artists and UCL researchers have been funded to begin working together and explore ideas for commission.

a close up shot of a table covered in papers, boxes and objects. a hand holds something that looks like a black stone over a blue case

The 11 collaborations are part of Trellis, a programme that bring together artists, UCL researchers and east London communities to collaborate, create new knowledge, ideas and the potential for change or action.

This is the fourth iteration of Trellis, which began in 2018, when the first cohort of artists and researchers came together at a matchmaking event. Since then, we worked with over a hundred artists and researchers, and many local community individuals and organisations through a process which has so far led to 15 commissions in three exhibitions. 

Over the next two months the 11 new collaborations will explore ways of working together, sharing and exchanging knowledge and expertise, and begin to involve communities from east London in the process.

In July we will announce which of these 11 groups have been successful in being commissioned to create work to be exhibitied in spring 2024.

You can find more information on the previous Trellis projects and the process we use on the Trellis web page.

The collaborations are:

  • Artist Nate Agbetu and researcher Chetna Sharma, Institute for Global Health
  • Artist Blanc Sceol (Stephen Shiell & Hannah White) and researcher Simon Kallow, Genetics, Evolution and Environment
  • Artist Alistair Gentry and researcher Anna Landre, Computer Science
  • Artist Fabienne Hess and researcher Dimitra Gkitsa, School of Slavonic and East European Studies
  • Artist Maxi Himpe and researcher Louise Archer, Education, Practice and Society 
  • Artist Raheel Khan and researcher Tom Peach, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Artist Gal Leshem and researcher Claire Lindsay, School of European Languages, Culture and Society
  • Artist Colin Priest and researcher Georgios Nikiforidis, Department of Chemistry (Institute for Materials Discovery)
  • Artist Olha Pryymak and researcher Sophie Page, History Department
  • Artist Rechonski and researcher Jane Wilcock, Primary Care & Population Health
  • Artists Emily Stapleton-Jefferis; Jack Alexandroff and researcher Charlie Outhwaite, Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research

Image taken at Trellis matchmaking events that took place at UCL East in February 2023.