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Opportunity: get involved in Trellis, knowledge exchange with artists and communities

5 December 2022

Now in its fourth year, Trellis is looking for researchers interested in collaboration with east London artists and communities. Deadline 31 January.

Abstract blue pipes in the foreground, in focus. Behind this are people sat, chatting

What is it?

Trellis is a multistage art commissioning programme that aims to bring together artists, UCL researchers and local east London communities to co-create work together.
The programme began in 2018, when the first cohort of artists and researchers came together at a matchmaking event. Since then, we worked with over a hundred artists and researchers, and many local community individuals and organisations through a process which has so far led to 15 commissions in three exhibitions.

Trellis is part of a wider scheme of cultural and community engagement work happening around the new UCL East campus, which aims to build a culture of mutual benefit, collaboration and exchange between UCL staff and students and our local communities.
We need you:

We are looking for researchers at UCL from all discipline areas who are interested in working in collaboration with artists and communities in east London.

This is an opportunity to engage in knowledge exchange around your research, consider how your research is relevant to those outside the university, and to gain understanding about how artists create work.

Deadline for expressions are interest from researchers: 31 January 2023

How to find out more:

Image: Another Provision, 2022