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Join local arts organisation in workshop on practical engagement skills

7 October 2021

The Community Engagement team are working with Frames of Mind, a Newham based arts organisation, on two workshops to help you to explore creative ways to engage with community audiences.

on the left are three people around a table arranging small objects. On the right is a composite image through a microscope: a virus, a needle and a person wearing an astronaut helmet

In this two-part workshop funded by the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Science Research Council) you’ll learn skills and techniques to share the impact of your work in more creative and engaging ways.

Learn how to use stop-frame animation, film and photography to create visual metaphors to bring your data and engagement projects to life.

Frames Of Mind is a not-for-profit arts organisation based in Newham, east London. Founders Zoe Flynn and Bo Chapman deliver projects across the community using; film and stop-frame animation and digital arts as a platform for creative expression, to inspire positive communication.

Workshop 1: Storytelling and My Research - 10am-12.30 2nd November

In this practical creative photography and montage workshop, you’ll explore ways to visually explain your research data to help your audience find meaning and connection.

Learn how to use camera angles and shot sizes for dramatic effect, use juxtaposition to affect meaning and utilise the power of the visual metaphor to make your material relatable.

Workshop 2: Bringing stories to life with stop fame animation - 10am-12.30 16th November

Using an app on your smart phone learn how to bring everyday objects to life. Animation is an extremely accessible but creatively liberating artform which can convey meaning without language.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to make 2D and 3D stop frame animation - a playful way to engage participants and demonstrate impact.

We recommend you attend both workshops if possible.

Please arrive with a fully charged smartphone (there will be iPads available for those who need them)

These workshops are part of a series of EPSRC funded workshops to increase skills in community engagement. We particularly want EPSRC funded researchers to attend.

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