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New report: DEC/BAME groups were hit harder by lockdown but benefited from financial education

13 October 2020

New research from a Listen and Respond project shows that Londoners from Diverse Ethnic Communities were disproportionately affected by the economic impacts of lockdown but that individuals’ situations were improved by financial education.

Jerry During leads Money Mentors workshop

The research was conducted by the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity in collaboration with Money A+E, as part of a UCL East-funded Listen and Respond project.

The majority of Money A+E’s service users are non-White British, and the organisation provides money advice and education services in Newham – one of the local areas hit hardest by the virus (144.3 deaths per 100,000 people in April 2020, according to The Guardian) – and other deprived London boroughs.

The survey showed that money management skills had a positive impact on respondents’ lives during lockdown, with 60% of respondents stating that Money A+E’s advice and education had helped their financial situation.

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Photo: Jerry During leads Money Mentors workshop (Credit: Money A+E)