UCL East


Just published: 2019/20 UCL East Engagement Annual Report

4 December 2020

UCL East is today releasing its latest annual report of engagement 2019/20, which gives an overview of the engagement activities undertaken in east London over the past year.

Cover page, showing two women speaking in front of a street art mural, of the UCL East engagement 2019/20 annual report.

UCL East will be an open, accessible and publicly-engaged campus, and the teams involved with the new campus have already started forging strong relationships with our new neighbours.

This report highlights what we have achieved together with the local communities over the past year. Despite the challenges brought on by Covid-19, most of our engagement activities were quickly adapted, revised or transferred to new formats accessible to everyone - from virtual social hackathons to virtual tutoring, to an online EAST Summer School, the projects have been many and varied.

In particular, we set up Listen and Respond, in response to community needs in the face of Covid-19. Such community-based projects supporting local organisations demonstrate our commitment to listening to what our new neighbours have to say, and collaborating with them to respond to their needs.