UCL East


Trellis: Five artist collaborations commissioned

6 August 2020

Five collaborations between artists, researchers and communities have been commissioned to create work for exhibition in spring 2021.

coloured pencil drawings of mulberry leaves

From the nine seedfunded projects announced in May 2020, five have been selected to be part of the Trellis 2 exhibition in spring 2021.

As part of the UCL East vision to be open, accessible and publicly-engaged, these projects will create work in three way collaboration between UCL researchers, artists and local east London communities.

Trellis 2 is co-funded between UCL East and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and aims to create opportunities for knowledge exchange and impact for UCL research.

View the full list of projects on the UCL Culture website.

Image from Mulberry: The Tree of Plenty project by Sara Heywood & Jane Watt and David Chau