UCL East


UCL researchers and Forest Gate residents explore collaboration

11 July 2019

This community engagement networking event brought together UCL researchers and Forest Gate residents to explore areas of shared interest.

Man and woman talking in front of a shed, in the foreground is grass and flowers

On Tuesday 9th July, a group of 20 people gathered in Durning Hall, a local community centre in Forest Gate.

The group has been brought together by Dr Leah Lovett, an artist and Research Fellow from the UCL Centre for Advanced Spacial Analysis (CASA). Leah, who is also a local to Forest Gate, was interested in how UCL researchers might be able to collaborate and support local projects and areas of interest.

The central theme of the event focused on links to Forest Gate Community Garden, a volunteer led and managed organisation that acts as a nexus for community activity.

UCL researchers from CASA, the Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering and the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy joined a host of locals for networking, exploratory walks around the area and collaborative mapping exercised which aimed to bring out any overlapping areas of interest.

This event was made possible through the Trellis programme, which supports UCL researchers to build relationships with communities local to UCL East. The event participants are able to apply for follow on funding through this programme for any potential collaborative activity.