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Nine researcher:artist collaborations announced

28 February 2019

As part of the Trellis: Growing Community University Partnerships we are pleased to announce nine artist/researchers partnerships working together over the next two months.

Group stood in front of sports stadium

These partners are participating in the Trellis: Public Art programme, a project exploring knowledge exchange between researchers and artists funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

All parties were part of a matchmaking event in December 2018, which brought together researchers from UCL and artists based in or linked to east London.

These nine partnerships will work together over the next two months and have the chance to apply for a commission on April 15th. This commission is for an exhibition of work in October 2019 on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The partnerships are:

  • Anne Brodie (artist) working with Richard Colchester (Dept of Med Phys & Biomedical Eng)
  • Lilah Fowler (artist) working with Brenda Parker (Dept of Biochemical Engineering)
  • Neville Gabie (artist) working with Richard Cave (Psychology and Language Sciences)
  • Lucy Harrison (artist) working with Efstathia Kostopoulou (Bartlett School of Architecture)
  • Amanda Lwin (artist) working with James Cann (Dept of Mathematics)
  • Amanda Lwin (artist) working with Tse-Hui Teh (Bartlett School of Planning)
  • Elizabeth Murton (artist) working with Elsa Arcaute (Bartlett Centre for Advances Spatial Analysis) 
  • David Rickard (artist) working with Tony Kenyon (Dept of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
  • Alison Turnbull (artist) working with Elsa Arcaute (Bartlett Centre for Advances Spatial Analysis)

For more information, contact the UCL Community Engagement (East) team.