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The UCL East programme is sponsored by the Provost, Professor Michael Arthur and led by Professor Paola Lettieri as the Director. The programme is organised into projects and workstreams, each of which is sponsored by senior leads from across UCL. Please see below the relevant people for you to contact depending on your query:

Professor Paola Lettieri (p.lettieri@ucl.ac.uk) – Director of UCL East, and Academic Planning Project Sponsor

Programme office

Academic planning

Academic leads

Communications and engagement 

  • Collette Lux - Executive Director of Communications and Marketing - UCL East Communications Project Sponsor
  • Simon Cane - Executive Director UCL Culture - UCL East Engagement Project Sponsor
  • Cleo Fatoorehchi (c.fatoorehchi@ucl.ac.uk) - Head of UCL East Communications and Marketing
  • Minna Ruohonen (m.ruohonen@ucl.ac.uk) – Head of Community Engagement (East)
  • Sam Wilkinson (sam.wilkinson@ucl.ac.uk) – Head of Public Art 
  • Briony Flemming (b.fleming@ucl.ac.uk) – Community Engagement Manager (East)
  • Lizzy Baddeley (e.baddeley@ucl.ac.uk) – Community Engagement Manager (East)




Philanthropy and Strategic Alliances, Corporate Relationships