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Community Engagement Seed Fund

Application Open for Community Engagement Seed Fund 2022: Resilience and Recovery from Covid-19.

Photograph of a mixed group of people in a gallery at an exhibition of the RGB East project which explored colour perception and eyesight

Community Engagement Seed Fund 2022: Resilience and Recovery from Covid-19 is a small grants funding round designed to support the development of engagement activities and partnership opportunities with east London communities.

Grants of up to £4000 will be made available to UCL staff and students who are or will be part of UCL East, or whose work is in east London and is connected to the ambitions of UCL East. These grants are intended for the development and/or delivery of projects with east London community partners, particularly those from the Voluntary Community Sector (this could include both formally constituted organisations, and more informal groups such as residents' associations).

Resilience and recovery from Covid-19: the 2021-2022 funding round will focus on supporting projects who are connecting with east London partners around the resilience and recovery agenda. We will take a broad understanding of what this may mean but will expect to see some acknowledgement of the current context of their engagement project. You may find the Mayor of London’s webpage on the recovery agenda useful context.

The projects should be founded on the principles of collaboration, co-production and two way dialogue with the identified partner. Grants can be used to further existing relationships or be a catalyst to sparking new partnerships and initiatives. We particularly look to support projects that work with communities often excluded from research. The grants will aim to create the space and opportunity for members UCL staff and students to deliver or develop activity fitting with the vision of UCL East as an accessible, publically engaged university.

Funded projects will be expected to:

  • Establish or develop a partnership between Academic Staff or Students connected to UCL East and community groups or organisations from east London (Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest)
  • Contribute to, or grow understanding of, issues related to the resilience and recovery from Covid-19.
  • Be based on the principles of collaboration, co-production and dialogue.
  • Value equally the skills and expertise of both academic and community partnership.
  • Have clear and tangible outputs and outcomes.
  • Evaluate, learn from, and share their engagement activities.

The community engagement team are now accepting applications. Please find the scheme guidance, application form and application form guidance below.

Please note: We expect all applications to consider alternatives where face to face contact may not be possible, and subsequent accessibility implications for engagement activities such as digital poverty.

Deadline for application is Noon on 28th February 2022. 

Please be aware all funds must be spent by the 31 July 2022 regardless of the date of application.

If you wish to find out more information about the Community Engagement Seed Fund, need documents in a different format or want to know more about other UCL East engagement funding opportunities email UCL East Community Engagement.