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TINs Pilot Data Scheme: Expanding ECR’s participation in translational research

23 October 2023

The Pilot Data Scheme by the UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs) has backed 84 projects with over £800k funding since 2020, driving early therapeutic translation. An Early Career Researcher interview series is recently launched.

A graphic to show the TINs Pilot Data Scheme has backed 84 projects with over £800k funding to drive early translational research.

As we conclude our latest round of the Pilot Data Scheme run by UCL Therapeutic Innovation Networks (TINs) and supported by Wellcome, we are delighted to share that:

  • We have supported 84 projects with over £800k in funding since 2020, 53 of which have been completed to date.

  • The scheme has enabled 21 awardees to apply for follow-on funding to advance their translational research journey, and 15 were successfully awarded, spanning various funding schemes, including The UCL Therapeutic Acceleration Support (TAS) Fund, UCL Technology Fund, Wellcome Leap Project, CRUK Therapeutic Discovery Pilot Award, NIHR AI Award, and Rosetrees Trust Seedcorn awards, among others.

  • Among those who have completed the projects, 9% of the Early Career Researchers (ECRs) have since advanced their careers to Senior Research Fellows and Lecturers.

  • 71% of the TINs Pilot Data Scheme 2023 applicants who underwent Pitching Skills training provided by TINs received an award.

The TINs Pilot Data Scheme aims to support Early Career Researchers (ECRs) in generating pilot data to facilitate early translation in therapeutics, devices, and diagnostics. This initiative is part of our ongoing efforts to expand participation in translational science and integrate diverse perspectives within the UCL ECR community.

"I got to practice and develop my presentation skills in a pitch training event which was very enlightening, and I learned how to focus on relevant information for funders and investors." - 2023 Awardee.

"This experience has also made me more interested in entrepreneurship, so I also plan to learn more and develop my skills in this field." - 2023 Awardee.

Starting this week, we will launch a series of Early Career Researcher Interviews, inviting the Pilot Data Scheme awardees to share their innovative ideas for developing therapeutics to address unmet medical needs. Read the full interviews on the UCL Translational Research Office Blog

In the latest round of TINs Pilot Data Scheme, 27 translational research projects have been awarded during the third round of the PDS, spanning across the six therapeutic modalities of TINs. Each project awardee will have access to £5 - £10k in funding to run their projects over a six-month period. Supporting preliminary translational work, these projects aim to accelerate the transition from discovery science to the early stages of therapeutic development.

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