Teaching & Learning


Academic content and individual study

Resources and information to support provision of academic content and continuity of individual study as the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak accelerates.

UCL hosts a rich set of resources, including one of the UK’s major libraries and a broad range of digital materials. UCL staff and students also enjoy access to Senate House Library and the British Library

If remote teaching becomes necessary, library services such as book borrowing may become unavailable and we may need to rely on digital sources of academic and supplementary material.

Digital content sources

Alternative sources for academic material include: 

  • Digitised reading lists via the ReadingLists@UCL service;
  • Electronic books, journals, and databases via the E-Resources@UCL service;
  • Box of Broadcasts, a national service providing an archive of free-to-air television programmes available on demand;
  • LinkedIn Learning, hosting thousands of training and instructional videos on software and skills;
  • External providers such as Khan Academy, which offers free tutorial videos and is particularly strong in basic maths, computing, and science, or MOOC platforms, including Futurelearn, Coursera, and EdX.

Check permissions before use

Any use of such content remains subject to copyright law; staff should ensure they have the right to use material they did not create. UCL Library Services offers online information and assistance on copyright issues for staff and students.

Getting help

Support for additional content sourced via UCL Library databases should be sought from Library Services. Assistance for use of Moodle can be found in the Moodle Resource Centre, including adding content such as files and links