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Shape UCL: Community Guidelines

Shape UCL is a great way to foster a sense of community and transparency between staff and students. In order to ensure this, the following guidelines have been created for all users of the platform.

We want Shape UCL to be a positive, safe space where creativity and problem-solving is encouraged between staff and students. Whilst the platform’s Content Policy outlines explicitly what is and is not allowed to be posted these Community Guidelines will help to make Shape UCL a positive and constructive environment for students, academic representatives and staff. Questions, constructive feedback and reasonable criticism are welcomed but they should be communicated in a courteous manner.

By using Shape UCL, all users agree to abide by these principles.

Engage in respectful dialogue

Shape UCL provides a unique space for staff and students to collaborate and create a better university experience. Focusing on issues and ideas is essential when providing feedback rather than individuals. Whether you're raising an issue, sharing an idea, or adding a comment, please be mindful of how your feedback may be perceived.

As a Rep or staff member, acknowledge and respond to feedback. Providing updates, especially when resolving an issue taking longer than expected, helps maintain transparency, and you should explain if you cannot resolve an issue.

Be specific to make it actionable

Give your post a relevant and clear title. In the description, describe the issue with facts and, where possible, include details such as the module/programme name and additional supporting information to find an appropriate solution. 

Try to focus on possible solutions or changes

Encountering an issue or a problem can be frustrating, especially when reporting it. To make a positive change, we encourage you to propose a solution to the problem you're experiencing. When conveying the issue, please avoid making interpretations and accusations. Humour, slang, and sarcasm can easily lead to misunderstandings online, so make sure your writing is clear and factual to prevent misinterpretations.

When adding a comment to a discussion, try to advance or support the conversation helpfully. You could support the solution proposed or offer an alternative to help resolve the query.

Ask rather than demand

When proposing a change, you should highlight mutual benefits and ask staff for changes, not demand them. Be mindful that UCL staff, Reps, and students have significant workloads and not every suggestion can be immediately implemented.

Staff and Reps may also have competing demands on their time. Please bear this in mind and be patient when using the platform.

Encourage a two-way inspiring discussion

Shape UCL is a platform for students, Reps and staff to engage in dialogue to create positive change across the institution. Try to phrase your feedback or questions in a way likely to elicit a response. 

As a staff user, if you make changes in response to student feedback, list them in the "Together We Changed" section of your board so that other students and Reps can see the impact of their voices.

Don’t duplicate

Shape UCL will prompt you to add to an existing thread if there is a similar feedback post to the one you are about to create. Duplicated posts increase Rep and staff workload and make decisions take longer.

Respectful disagreements

You might not agree with every post or comment on Shape UCL, but students must have the opportunity to have their voices heard. Likewise, you might not agree with every response or resolution provided by Reps or staff members. 

Call out inappropriate content

We all have a responsibility to ensure our institution is a safe, welcoming and inclusive working and learning environment for all members of the UCL community. If you see a post or comment that is offensive, insensitive, or inaccurate, report it. You can do this by clicking the flag icon underneath a post or comment for a rep or staff member to act on.

Shape UCL is a constructive and professional space focusing on issues and ideas, not individuals.

For more specific guidance, please refer to Dignity at UCL and the Code of Conduct for Students in the Academic Manual

Three strike policy

All users agree to the provider's terms and conditions, privacy and content policies when using the platform. This includes the three-strike policy for inappropriate content: 

  1. First Warning: A warning is issued.
  2. Anonymity Disabled: The ability to post anonymously will be instantly removed.
  3. Account Suspension: Lose access to Shape UCL

In addition to this both staff and students can report any inappropriate or defamatory comments on the platform. Content found to be in breach of UCL policy towards harassment, intimidation and bullying or the Code of Conduct for Students could result in disciplinary action against the individual responsible.